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Wel­come to a sim­pler way to dis­cov­er and buy cannabis online with curat­ed expe­ri­ences tai­lored to help you enjoy the ben­e­fits of cannabis.

Join a com­mu­ni­ty of like mind­ed peo­ple who are Can­nacu­ri­ous too. Be the first to expe­ri­ence Luci­da­Club when we launch this Summer. 

Come and enjoy cannabis the Luci­da way.

Why choose LucidaClub?

Choose with confidence

Each box is care­ful­ly curat­ed so you can choose the expe­ri­ence you want.

Avoid the awkwardness

Avoid awk­ward brows­ing and ques­tions in store, look and learn online instead.

Easy ID verification

Eas­i­ly take care of ID and ver­i­fi­ca­tion require­ments online.

Pay secure­ly online

Pay online safe­ly and secure­ly, avoid­ing the has­sle in store, so you’re only in store to pick up.

Our Experiences

Our pre-filled boxes will be curated to help you achieve your desired result. Choose from a selection of smoke or smoke-free options.


Enhance your con­cen­tra­tion and bring focus to your day with cannabis prod­ucts designed to sharp­en your senses.

LucidaClub Focus box


Get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dream­ing about. You’ll be snooz­ing in no time

LucidaClub Sleep box


Find your inner zen with cannabis prod­ucts designed to calm and relax you.

LucidaClub Calm box

How to get started

Our process is simple. Once you are all set up with an account, you're a step closer to your first LucidaClub box

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Browse & select your desired experience

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Find your clos­est Luci­da­Club retail partner

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Pay safe­ly & secure­ly online

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Col­lect your curat­ed expe­ri­ence & Enjoy!

Have Questions?

We've got answers


We are not a dispensary. We curate the cannabis selection with our handpicked Retail Partners to facilitate your orders ensuring that you are getting the best products from the best retail outlets, using the best service, LucidaClub!

Your order will be fulfilled by your selected Retail Partner. They receive the order direct to their dispensary and will manage all aspects of the fulfilment from the selection of product, to the assembly of the box.

We validate you to make sure you are who you say you are. It's all about ensuring that we're doing our due diligence under the law of preventing under age purchases.

To keep it simple and convenient, your payment is processed in one smooth transaction when you check out. The payment is divided into two sections for transparency. The fee for the cannabis products is paid directly to our retail partner and the service fees are paid directly to LucidaClub.

We currently only work directly with LucidaClub retail partners and do not have the ability to deliver direct to residential addresses, however some of our retail partners may offer this service.

Our goal is to help the Cannacurious explore the world of cannabis, but we do so ethically. All of our retail partners products are sourced from legal, licensed manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

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