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Lighting the way for your cannabis journey.

We are reimag­in­ing the cannabis retail experience.

Wel­come to a sim­pler way to dis­cov­er and buy cannabis online with curat­ed expe­ri­ences tai­lored to help you enjoy the ben­e­fits of cannabis.

Join a com­mu­ni­ty of like mind­ed peo­ple who are Can­nacu­ri­ous too. Be the first to expe­ri­ence Luci­da­Club when we launch. 

Come and enjoy cannabis the Luci­da way.

Why choose LucidaClub?

Choose with confidence

Each expe­ri­ence is care­ful­ly curat­ed so you can choose the expe­ri­ence you want.

Avoid the awkwardness

Avoid awk­ward brows­ing and ques­tions in store, look and learn online instead.

Easy ID verification

Eas­i­ly take care of ID and ver­i­fi­ca­tion require­ments online.

Pay secure­ly online

Pay online safe­ly and secure­ly with Aero­pay, avoid­ing the has­sle in store, so you’re only in store to pick up.

Our Experiences

Our curation team will help you achieve your desired result. Choose from a selection of smoke or smoke-free options.


Enhance your con­cen­tra­tion and bring focus to your day with cannabis prod­ucts designed to sharp­en your senses.



Get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dream­ing about. You’ll be snooz­ing in no time.



Find your inner zen with cannabis prod­ucts designed to calm and relax you.


Become a Member of LucidaClub

Our exclusive members club is here

LucidaClub is an exclusive members club for people who are curious or want to try Cannabis, perhaps for the first time.

Become a member of LucidaClub

Enjoy reduced fees for the first 2 years, exclusive events and in return help us to fine-tune our offerings.

Members will receive the following

  • Complementary Curation Service: Waived curation cost on the first 3 orders every year ($8/order after) and an hour-long personal consultation with our Head Curator.
  • Easy Learning: Access to premium, curated content to guide your education about cannabis.
  • News & Community: Stay in the know with a quarterly newsletter, access our free event calendar, and enjoy regional membership perks.

How it Works

Once you are all set up with an account, you're a step closer to your first LucidaClub experience

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Browse & select your desired experience

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Cre­ate your profile

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Find your clos­est Luci­da­Club retail partner

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Pay safe­ly & secure­ly online

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Col­lect your curat­ed expe­ri­ence & Enjoy!

Still Curious?

Learn more and stay in-the-know with the LucidaClub community.