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Luci­da­Club guides new Can­nacu­ri­ous con­sumers to pur­chase prod­ucts from dis­pen­saries dis­creet­ly and eas­i­ly, improv­ing the buy­ing expe­ri­ence, cre­at­ing repeat cus­tomers for our partners.

Why become a LucidaClub Partner?

We're looking for a select few partners across the state, to serve our community of Cannacurious members

What do we do for you

Luci­da­Club offers cura­tions of cannabis prod­ucts based on spe­cif­ic, desired results. We guide our Can­nacu­ri­ous mem­bers to local dis­pen­saries, just like yours, for pick up in store and deliv­ery (if offered).

  • Grow your cus­tomer base
  • Attract and con­vert the untapped mar­ket of the Cannacurious
  • Enhance your e‑commerce offerings
  • Pro­mote your cannabis prod­ucts with strate­gic mar­ket­ing initiatives
  • Geo­graph­i­cal exclusivity*
  • No upfront costs

*depen­dant on your geo­graph­i­cal location 

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