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Best Way to Smoke Cannabis: Ultimate Guide

By LucidaClub

Over the years, enjoy­ing weed has come a long way. From vap­ing to edi­bles, you can expe­ri­ence a large vari­ety of excit­ing highs in dif­fer­ent forms. Even as these excit­ing new meth­ods con­tin­ue to devel­op, smok­ing has been a beloved favorite for peo­ple of every age.

The use of cannabis was once nor­mal, then ille­gal, and now, gain­ing in nor­mal­cy once more as many places are legal­iz­ing this com­fort­ing favorite. So, what’s the best way to smoke the sticky icky?

Most effi­cient ways to smoke weed

Before you can under­stand and uti­lize the best way to smoke weed, you must know all the pop­u­lar ways you can take a toke. And there are more than you think. While it may not cov­er less­er-known ways of smok­ing, this guide can help the can­na curi­ous and the begin­ner under­stand the basics.

Uses of Cannabis Joint Pre Roll

The joint

A sim­ple clas­sic like a joint will nev­er go away. Joints are great for when you’re busy, espe­cial­ly if you’re any good at rolling them. 

If not, there are rollers and oth­er devices to help you with that. If you have a grinder, it’s even eas­i­er. With a grinder, you can deposit uni­form pieces of bud into your rolling paper, roll, and secure. There you have it, the fun can begin.

Anoth­er great aspect of smok­ing joints is they are com­pact and easy to store or car­ry. They aren’t com­plex in con­struc­tion and only con­tain weed. A joint is just a clas­sic way to enjoy a good smoke. It’s also one of the most effi­cient ways to smoke weed.

The down­side of smok­ing a joint is that it gen­er­al­ly has a loud’ odor. The smell of weed, when smoked in a joint will get into your cloth­ing and hair. A quick show­er and brush­ing your teeth can alle­vi­ate this side effect, as well as smok­ing in an out­door or well-ven­ti­lat­ed space.

Pipe smok­ing

Smok­ing a pipe just looks cool. It por­trays a cer­tain air of wis­dom. Smok­ing from a pipe is also a viable choice because it’s easy. All you need is a good clean screen, and your pre­ferred mar­i­jua­na strain of choice. There are two com­mon types of pipes, one is wood and the oth­er is glass, which you may hear referred to as a bowl. There are a vari­ety of excit­ing mate­ri­als and styles of pipe to suit your needs.

Pipe smok­ing is as sim­ple as pack­ing the bowl with weed, light­ing her up, and tak­ing small puffs from the mouth­piece. Pipes come with their own mouth­piece most of the time, but if you share, you’ll need sep­a­rate mouth­pieces for each person.

It’s best to be safe when enjoy­ing this won­der­ful way to get high. As far as down­sides go, it’s much the same as with the joint, it leaves a strong odor, and there’s a small amount of main­te­nance as you may have to repack the pipe if you’re shar­ing it with sev­er­al people.

Dab a little

Begin­ners and can­nacu­ri­ous might not have heard of dab­bing. So, here’s a break­down: Dab is basi­cal­ly butane oil from hash or BHO. It’s one of the most potent con­cen­trat­ed extracts with high lev­els of THC. In this case, the oil is solid­i­fied into some­thing called but­ter’ or shat­ter’, so it can be smoked in a bowl. In a final flour­ish of the­atre, you use a small hand­held torch to light it.

The flame from a lighter isn’t hot enough to vapor­ize the dab, and vapor­iz­ing the dab is what makes it health­i­er than smok­ing flower. When you dab, you only inhale the vapors free of many plant sub­stances, unlike oth­er ways of smoking. 

These vapors pro­duce an extreme high. Although this vapor is pur­er, it’s not sug­gest­ed for begin­ners when alone, as it is super potent, and might pro­duce more side effects. You should be extreme­ly care­ful when choos­ing this form of smok­ing. How­ev­er, this doesn’t mean you can­not take it slow and experiment.

Cannabis Smoking


Anoth­er way to smoke weed is by rolling a blunt. Much like a joint, a blunt is mar­i­jua­na bud and flower rolled into a tobac­co cas­ing instead of reg­u­lar rolling papers. This is where the joint and blunt dif­fer. Plus, blunts can hold three times as much weed as a joint and can be shared with friends.

Truth be told, this is also where a blunt is cat­e­go­rized as less healthy than a joint. Blunts con­tain tar from the cig­ar papers and some residue from the tobac­co that was removed. So, aside from the added tobac­co con­tent, blunts are just giant joints.

Vap­ing smoke

One of the most pop­u­lar ways of smok­ing weed today is vap­ing. Enjoy­ing a high in this man­ner means hav­ing a treat that is odor­less. This is espe­cial­ly help­ful for those who don’t wish to make a scene but need a nice relax­ing break from life. When it comes to the vapor­iz­er and the vape pen, begin­ners and the can­nacu­ri­ous may need a bit more infor­ma­tion to understand.

Remem­ber when vape pens were first intro­duced as alter­na­tives to tobac­co cig­a­rettes? They were used to help smok­ers stop putting tar into their lungs. Well, vape pens can now be used to enjoy a health­i­er high when smok­ing weed– there’s no tar, or any pos­si­ble impu­ri­ties from resin either. Also, since vap­ing uses a low­er tem­per­a­ture (around 280 degrees Fahren­heit), as opposed to the butane lighter, which is 2300 degrees Fahren­heit hot­ter, it reserves more of the potent effects of the cannabis, thus a high­er high. 

Dimitri bong E2 Za u ZQM7k unsplash

Bongs, water bongs

Most smok­ers love bongs sim­ply because they are con­ve­nient. There are many types of bongs like straight-tube bongs, car­bu­re­tor bongs, per­co­la­tor bongs, buck­et grav­i­ty bongs, mul­ti-cham­ber bongs. These devices work pri­mar­i­ly in the same way, except for a few small vari­ances like bub­blers and grav­i­ty bongs. For the sake of sim­plic­i­ty, we’ll stick with the water bong. This bong is a clean way to enjoy a nice com­fort­ing smoke. It’s a clas­sic, and recent­ly seems to be mak­ing a comeback.

The bong has a sol­id con­struc­tion with few addi­tion­al pieces. There’s a large tube for inhala­tion and a small bowl con­nect­ed to a pipe, both open­ings lead to a large bot­tom bowl con­tain­ing water. When using the water bong, you light the weed in the small bowl and inhale. As you inhale, the smoke from the weed trav­els through the water and back up into your lungs through the large tube. As this hap­pens, the water absorbs resin from the mar­i­jua­na, hence the clean smok­ing experience.

The down­sides: The only con to smok­ing with the bong is tak­ing too large a hit. A long inhale can cause cough­ing. It’s easy to take in too much vapor at one time because the pull isn’t hard. If you inhale too deeply mul­ti­ple times, you can get a headache. So, make sure to take small hits from this device.

Uncon­ven­tion­al ways to smoke weed

Since you’ve heard about some of the clas­sic ways to smoke weed, now’s the time to intro­duce a few uncon­ven­tion­al joyrides. These avenues of enjoy­ing a mar­i­jua­na high are not just uncon­ven­tion­al, but also a bit ques­tion­able. So, let’s keep it quick and to the point. You have to decide whether or not these ways are for you.

The Hookah

A Hookah is dif­fer­ent to a joint or even a bong. This device is used in a social envi­ron­ment where there are more peo­ple than a joint or bong could satisfy. 

Here’s how the Hookah pipe works: You fill the base with water, attach a hose, and lay­er tobac­co and cannabis in a ceram­ic bowl. Cov­er the bowl with tin foil and poke holes through. Con­nect the pipe to the bowl and place hot coals on top of the foil. While it seems com­pli­cat­ed, many peo­ple enjoy the Hookah pipe at par­ties, and it’s been a tra­di­tion­al way of smok­ing in some cul­tures for a long time.

The Chal­ice

Often used in Jamaica, the Chal­ice is impor­tant for spir­i­tu­al rea­sons. Rasta­far­i­ans reg­u­lar­ly make these devices, con­struct­ed from coconuts. They serve the same pur­pose as tra­di­tion­al pipes in oth­er regions. But any­one can make a chal­ice and enjoy smok­ing weed this way if they want, even the curi­ous. Sim­ply fill the kutchie’ or cone-shaped bowl attached to the chal­ice’ with your choice of weed and cov­er this with water. As you light the con­coc­tion, inhale and enjoy a smooth high.

Mis­cel­la­neous devices

There are many ways to get high. Some begin­ners and the can­na curi­ous have heard about smok­ing using soda cans, water bot­tles, alu­minum foil, and gas masks – all of which are more than a lit­tle uncon­ven­tion­al. We rec­om­mend­ing stick­ing to the clas­sics if you’re a beginner. 

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Envi­ron­men­tal factors

If you’ve ever heard two peo­ple argue over the effects of the same strain of mar­i­jua­na, then they’ve obvi­ous­ly been influ­enced by dif­fer­ing health or out­side fac­tors. As well as pay­ing atten­tion to how your indi­vid­ual sys­tems react dif­fer­ent­ly to smok­ing, you should look at var­i­ous envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors of your high.

Let’s say you want to smoke in the home, but you also want to join a few friends in the park, well your high will be dif­fer­ent from one place to the oth­er. You may have a more uplift­ing effect if the sun is out and the air is nice. Smok­ing will also be dif­fer­ent if you’re enjoy­ing a toke on a camp­ing trip while lying under the stars. It could be the same strain of weed but feel com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent accord­ing to where you are. The alti­tude will also impact on a high.

The best way to smoke

While there isn’t one type of smok­ing option that’s the best, there are a hand­ful of options that seem to pro­vide the best highs with the low­est risks of tar or resin ingestion. 

If you decide these meth­ods of smok­ing aren’t for you, but still love the thrill of the high, then you can check out edi­bles or tinc­tures instead. 

Light exper­i­men­ta­tion and a guid­ing hand will ensure you find the right method for you. Our com­pre­hen­sive guides and prod­ucts reimag­ine the way we enjoy weed, so what­ev­er your pref­er­ence, there will be some­thing for you at Luci­da Club.