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Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis

By LucidaClub

Smok­ing cannabis remains the most pop­u­lar way to enjoy weed. But even with­in the brack­et of smok­ing there are meth­ods and help­ful tools for a health­i­er high. 

While you may have heard rumors about hid­den dan­gers of smok­ing weed, in truth very few of these are cause for con­cern. Yes, smoke enters the lungs and can leave behind sub­stances such as tar or resin, and this can cause health issues. How­ev­er, there are ways of lim­it­ing the inges­tion of such irri­tants pro­vid­ing a nice clean toke. But before learn­ing about the health­i­est way to smoke, let’s look at some of the old­est and most com­mon issue when it comes to smok­ing weed.

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Hold­ing smoke: Not so good

Think­ing back, maybe to your col­lege years or young adult­hood, you may remem­ber hold­ing smoke when enjoy­ing a joint or blunt. This may have been decades ago, years, or even just last week. It seemed brazen and tough to hold that hit in as long as pos­si­ble. You may have also set out to grasp that mind-blow­ing­ly pow­er­ful high. And it did pack a punch. Usu­al­ly, you end­ed up hav­ing a cough­ing fit, unfor­tu­nate­ly, and, that part – that wasn’t so fun was it?

Why was it so painful to hold in smoke? Well, what you did was hold resin inside your lungs for an extend­ed peri­od. And this resin is prone to cause dif­fi­cul­ties with breath­ing, headaches, and sore throats — some­times imme­di­ate­ly, and some­times in the long term. So, it’s not a good idea to hold smoke. If you’re smok­ing a blunt, and hold­ing, you are not only intak­ing resin, but also tar from the tobac­co por­tion of the blunt. The neg­a­tive effects of tar on the lungs are wide­ly known and best avoided.

Most peo­ple have made the com­mon mis­take of hold­ing smoke but now let’s look at the health­i­est ways to smoke weed so you can enjoy the expe­ri­ence. There are many prod­ucts and ideas that can reduce the amount of tar and resin from enter­ing the lungs. 

What have you heard?

The con­sen­sus about healthy smok­ing starts with rumors about bongs. Many indi­vid­u­als believe that sim­ply smok­ing from a bong is much health­i­er than smok­ing a joint or blunt. It could be that vap­ing is rumored to the best way to enjoy cannabis. But if you’re look­ing for the health­i­est way to smoke weed, you must sort your fact from your fiction.

It is true that both these avenues of enjoy­ing a smoke requires the use of a fil­ter, and this does keep some resin from enter­ing the lungs. 

How­ev­er, since bongs allow for more smoke to enter the lungs, you can expect some resin to also remain present. Bongs are pop­u­lar for that rea­son, to allow a large por­tion of smoke to increase the high. This isn’t much dif­fer­ent than sim­ply hold­ing smoke. It’s just hold­ing with a fil­ter. Une­d­u­cat­ed smok­ing can harm the lungs. You only need a smooth inhala­tion to achieve a nice high. As long as the smoke touch­es the inside of lungs, the effects are already tak­ing place. 

Health­i­est ways to smoke weed

One thing should be made clear; smok­ing is smok­ing and there are inevitably risks attached to it. How­ev­er, being edu­cat­ed is the first step towards health­i­er smok­ing. While you can smoke any way you want, you can choose a few of these healthy ways to insure your best expe­ri­ence. One of the most impor­tant things to remem­ber, regard­less of how you smoke, it’s rec­om­mend­ed to use a mouthpiece.

Acti­vat­ed car­bon filter

Fil­ters are essen­tial for health­i­er smok­ing. With­out fil­ters, pure smoke enters the lungs dam­ag­ing the cil­ia which is designed to keep pol­lu­tants out of the body. So, fil­ters are a no-brain­er for enjoy­ing cannabis while reduc­ing resin. 

One way to use a fil­ter would be to uti­lize an acti­vat­ed char­coal fil­ter in the form of a mouth­piece or a mini form of mouth­piece. This can be used with joints, blunts, bongs, pipes and even with vape pens. It is impor­tant to remem­ber that using the same mouth­piece from per­son to per­son is not healthy. Every­one should have their own mouth­piece and when in a group, switch these out dur­ing their turn.

The basics of mouthpieces

The mouth­piece is made of plat­inum-cured sil­i­con serv­ing as a uni­ver­sal safe­ty tool for pipes, bongs, vap­ing, and joint smok­ing. Each piece is designed to fit any choice of smok­ing device, includ­ing any updat­ed ver­sions. The car­bon fil­ters includ­ed in the mouth­piece removes resin and oth­er con­t­a­m­i­nants, pro­tect­ing your lungs from any risks of dam­age. These tools basi­cal­ly pro­vide a much more plea­sur­able smok­ing expe­ri­ence. All mate­ri­als used in mak­ing the mouth­piece are biodegradable.

Joints and blunts

Joints are basi­cal­ly mar­i­jua­na cig­a­rettes. When smoked with no fil­ter, you get all the ben­e­fits and side effects of what­ev­er you smoke, be it flower or con­cen­trate. Uti­liz­ing a fil­ter when smok­ing joints can hold back much of the smoke and keep you from hold­ing in the toke for too long. When the joint burns down devel­op­ing a bit of resin, a mini mouth­piece can help you avoid tak­ing in much of the resin.

As for blunts, they are con­struct­ed by emp­ty­ing out cig­ars. These cig­ars are already full of tox­ins and some of the tox­ins do creep into the cannabis flower. If you’re going to smoke a blunt, then a mouth­piece is cer­tain­ly need­ed to hold back, not only resin, but tar as well. Some smok­ers just pre­fer the taste of the tobac­co leaf and cannabis flower mixture. 

Note: Make sure you under­stand the risks of smok­ing tobac­co, even in the form of blunts. Smok­ing joints are much health­i­er than blunts because they lack tar intake. While some resin does enter the lungs, it has a much less detri­men­tal effect on your health.


Although there are risks asso­ci­at­ed with vap­ing, uti­liz­ing the flower of the cannabis plant is safer than the con­cen­trat­ed form. This is due to the addi­tives like Vit­a­min E acetate con­tained in the con­cen­trat­ed form. The flower of the plant is just the nat­ur­al form and, although con­tain­ing resin after many uses, it does not con­tain additives.


A clas­sic way of smok­ing cannabis is the use of the trusty olé pipe. Aside from a join, smok­ing from a pipe was one of the most com­mon ways of enjoy­ing mar­i­jua­na. Pipes do have fil­ters, but in the past, they were usu­al­ly crude wire pieces that didn’t pro­vide near as much pro­tec­tion from resin intake. Mod­ern pipes, how­ev­er, are already fit­ted or can be fit­ted with car­bon fil­ters. A pipe pro­vides a sim­ple and health­i­er way of smok­ing weed, as long as the fil­ter is cleaned or replaced on a reg­u­lar basis. Replace­ment is rec­om­mend­ed, as fil­ters are often disposable.


These are pop­u­lar smok­ing tools and do allow for a stronger hit. They also have fil­ters which help to reduce some of the resin intake. A bong maybe mar­gin­al­ly health­i­er than oth­er meth­ods but the dif­fer­ence is fair­ly neg­li­gi­ble. Why? Because that stronger hit fills the lungs to capac­i­ty and allows resin to enter in large enough quan­ti­ties any­way. How­ev­er, as long as you are mon­i­tor­ing your intake on each toke, the fil­ter will be effec­tive at pre­vent­ing large amounts of resin enter­ing the lungs. 


Maybe you’re not tech­ni­cal­ly smok­ing weed when you resort to dab­bing, but you are ingest­ing smoke. While we are still learn­ing so much about the dab­bing of con­cen­trates, it is a fact that con­cen­trat­ed cannabis has one of the most pow­er­ful effects on the sys­tem. There is less resin present when dab­bing, but a small amount can be tak­en into the lungs when tem­per­a­tures are too high. Dab­bing on low tem­per­a­tures may be one of the health­i­est ways to smoke weed.

Is smok­ing cannabis real­ly safe?

In all hon­esty, smok­ing isn’t the safest form of enjoy­ing mar­i­jua­na in com­par­i­son with edi­bles or tinc­tures, for instance. But smok­ing is pop­u­lar, and the right knowl­edge and tools can make for a health­i­er expe­ri­ence. Cannabis has so many health ben­e­fits, the objec­tive here is to make sure those ben­e­fits are not dimin­ished by harm­ful effects on our bodies. 

So, with all this tak­en into con­sid­er­a­tion, using a mouth­piece or mini mouth­piece along with a qual­i­ty fil­ter is sim­ply the best way to enjoy smok­ing, or vap­ing too, of course. We hope this helps you under­stand the risks and rewards of enjoy­ing cannabis. While the plea­sure of the prod­uct is what we want to high­light, trust is most important.

With Luci­da Club, you can trust that we will pro­vide you with all the facts and none of the fluff. Con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion about our prod­ucts and how they can ben­e­fit you as well.