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Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis

By LucidaClub

Smoking cannabis remains the most popular way to enjoy weed. But even within the bracket of smoking there are methods and helpful tools for a healthier high. 

While you may have heard rumors about hidden dangers of smoking weed, in truth very few of these are cause for concern. Yes, smoke enters the lungs and can leave behind substances such as tar or resin, and this can cause health issues. However, there are ways of limiting the ingestion of such irritants providing a nice clean toke. But before learning about the healthiest way to smoke, let’s look at some of the oldest and most common issue when it comes to smoking weed.

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Holding smoke: Not so good

Thinking back, maybe to your college years or young adulthood, you may remember holding smoke when enjoying a joint or blunt. This may have been decades ago, years, or even just last week. It seemed brazen and tough to hold that hit in as long as possible. You may have also set out to grasp that mind-blowingly powerful high. And it did pack a punch. Usually, you ended up having a coughing fit, unfortunately, and, that part – that wasn’t so fun was it?

Why was it so painful to hold in smoke? Well, what you did was hold resin inside your lungs for an extended period. And this resin is prone to cause difficulties with breathing, headaches, and sore throats — sometimes immediately, and sometimes in the long term. So, it’s not a good idea to hold smoke. If you’re smoking a blunt, and holding, you are not only intaking resin, but also tar from the tobacco portion of the blunt. The negative effects of tar on the lungs are widely known and best avoided.

Most people have made the common mistake of holding smoke but now let’s look at the healthiest ways to smoke weed so you can enjoy the experience. There are many products and ideas that can reduce the amount of tar and resin from entering the lungs. 

What have you heard?

The consensus about healthy smoking starts with rumors about bongs. Many individuals believe that simply smoking from a bong is much healthier than smoking a joint or blunt. It could be that vaping is rumored to the best way to enjoy cannabis. But if you’re looking for the healthiest way to smoke weed, you must sort your fact from your fiction.

It is true that both these avenues of enjoying a smoke requires the use of a filter, and this does keep some resin from entering the lungs. 

However, since bongs allow for more smoke to enter the lungs, you can expect some resin to also remain present. Bongs are popular for that reason, to allow a large portion of smoke to increase the high. This isn’t much different than simply holding smoke. It’s just holding with a filter. Uneducated smoking can harm the lungs. You only need a smooth inhalation to achieve a nice high. As long as the smoke touches the inside of lungs, the effects are already taking place. 

Healthiest ways to smoke weed

One thing should be made clear; smoking is smoking and there are inevitably risks attached to it. However, being educated is the first step towards healthier smoking. While you can smoke any way you want, you can choose a few of these healthy ways to insure your best experience. One of the most important things to remember, regardless of how you smoke, it’s recommended to use a mouthpiece.

Activated carbon filter

Filters are essential for healthier smoking. Without filters, pure smoke enters the lungs damaging the cilia which is designed to keep pollutants out of the body. So, filters are a no-brainer for enjoying cannabis while reducing resin. 

One way to use a filter would be to utilize an activated charcoal filter in the form of a mouthpiece or a mini form of mouthpiece. This can be used with joints, blunts, bongs, pipes and even with vape pens. It is important to remember that using the same mouthpiece from person to person is not healthy. Everyone should have their own mouthpiece and when in a group, switch these out during their turn.

The basics of mouthpieces

The mouthpiece is made of platinum-cured silicon serving as a universal safety tool for pipes, bongs, vaping, and joint smoking. Each piece is designed to fit any choice of smoking device, including any updated versions. The carbon filters included in the mouthpiece removes resin and other contaminants, protecting your lungs from any risks of damage. These tools basically provide a much more pleasurable smoking experience. All materials used in making the mouthpiece are biodegradable.

Joints and blunts

Joints are basically marijuana cigarettes. When smoked with no filter, you get all the benefits and side effects of whatever you smoke, be it flower or concentrate. Utilizing a filter when smoking joints can hold back much of the smoke and keep you from holding in the toke for too long. When the joint burns down developing a bit of resin, a mini mouthpiece can help you avoid taking in much of the resin.

As for blunts, they are constructed by emptying out cigars. These cigars are already full of toxins and some of the toxins do creep into the cannabis flower. If you’re going to smoke a blunt, then a mouthpiece is certainly needed to hold back, not only resin, but tar as well. Some smokers just prefer the taste of the tobacco leaf and cannabis flower mixture. 

Note: Make sure you understand the risks of smoking tobacco, even in the form of blunts. Smoking joints are much healthier than blunts because they lack tar intake. While some resin does enter the lungs, it has a much less detrimental effect on your health.


Although there are risks associated with vaping, utilizing the flower of the cannabis plant is safer than the concentrated form. This is due to the additives like Vitamin E acetate contained in the concentrated form. The flower of the plant is just the natural form and, although containing resin after many uses, it does not contain additives.


A classic way of smoking cannabis is the use of the trusty olé pipe. Aside from a join, smoking from a pipe was one of the most common ways of enjoying marijuana. Pipes do have filters, but in the past, they were usually crude wire pieces that didn’t provide near as much protection from resin intake. Modern pipes, however, are already fitted or can be fitted with carbon filters. A pipe provides a simple and healthier way of smoking weed, as long as the filter is cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Replacement is recommended, as filters are often disposable.


These are popular smoking tools and do allow for a stronger hit. They also have filters which help to reduce some of the resin intake. A bong maybe marginally healthier than other methods but the difference is fairly negligible. Why? Because that stronger hit fills the lungs to capacity and allows resin to enter in large enough quantities anyway. However, as long as you are monitoring your intake on each toke, the filter will be effective at preventing large amounts of resin entering the lungs. 


Maybe you’re not technically smoking weed when you resort to dabbing, but you are ingesting smoke. While we are still learning so much about the dabbing of concentrates, it is a fact that concentrated cannabis has one of the most powerful effects on the system. There is less resin present when dabbing, but a small amount can be taken into the lungs when temperatures are too high. Dabbing on low temperatures may be one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed.

Is smoking cannabis really safe?

In all honesty, smoking isn’t the safest form of enjoying marijuana in comparison with edibles or tinctures, for instance. But smoking is popular, and the right knowledge and tools can make for a healthier experience. Cannabis has so many health benefits, the objective here is to make sure those benefits are not diminished by harmful effects on our bodies. 

So, with all this taken into consideration, using a mouthpiece or mini mouthpiece along with a quality filter is simply the best way to enjoy smoking, or vaping too, of course. We hope this helps you understand the risks and rewards of enjoying cannabis. While the pleasure of the product is what we want to highlight, trust is most important.

With Lucida Club, you can trust that we will provide you with all the facts and none of the fluff. Contact us for more information about our products and how they can benefit you as well.