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Can CBD Benefit Epilepsy?

By LucidaClub

Whether you suffer from epileptic seizures or you’re the parent of a child that does, you may be curious about CBD. It can be a great option for providing soothing benefits.

While it may not be an absolute miracle cure for epilepsy, cannabis is a promising treatment for symptoms. The CBD component of marijuana has proven to be a truly beneficial substance for treating all sorts of physical and mental illnesses.

Problems like insomnia, PTSD, sports injuries, and anxiety can all be soothed with the use of CBD oils. Whether these oils are used in conjunction with diet and other medications, or alone, they’ve proven to make a notable difference. And yes, many people believe it can greatly improve the quality of life for those with epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy affects individuals of all ages. It’s a nervous system disorder characterized by recurring seizures. These seizures can cause loss of consciousness and convulsions. In simple terms, these seizures are caused by abnormal electrical brain activity.

And the after-effects of seizures can leave you fatigued and disoriented. With the use of CBD oils, all these symptoms can be decreased, and replaced with a soothing demeanor.

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What is CBD?

As mentioned in many articles about marijuana, CBD (cannabidiol) is not the same as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The component, THC is responsible for euphoric feelings, while CBD is soothing for anxiety and promotes pain relief.

Considering CBD works well with calming anxieties, it’s safe to say that this is how it’s connected to reducing seizures and their intensity. Anxiety causes panic attacks which, in their most severe form, share some of the symptoms of seizures. In fact, many people take medication for anxiety that is also prescribed for epilepsy. 

In our study, we saw clinically significant improvements in anxiety, depression, and sleep when patients with epilepsy initiated therapeutic use of artisanal CBD products.”

-Ryan Vandrey, P.h.D., professor of Psychiatry and behavioral sciences at John Hopkins University School of Medicine

The standpoint of the Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation stands behind directed physician care. They also believe in exploring new options and advocating for new and potential treatments. This includes CBD oils. If your doctor recommends CBD to treat your epilepsy symptoms, the foundation stands behind that decision, supporting legal and safe access to products.

Unfortunately, the restrictive statuses that are still in place, prevent everyone from taking advantage of these possible CBD benefits. While most states are either legal for all usage or for medical usage, there are still two states remaining that still place all forms of cannabis at illegal status.

However, with the MORE Act pushing boundaries in the senate, this may change things for epilepsy patients as well as a multitude of others suffering from various illnesses.

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How to use CBD for seizures

First of all, if you have epilepsy or have been experiencing random seizures, it’s important to seek the help and advice of a medical professional. In fact, you will need to visit a neurologist to determine the exact culprit of your seizures. This professional can run tests that let you know whether your seizures are caused by epilepsy or something else entirely.

If you’re interested in using CBD oil to treat epileptic seizures, ask your doctor first. Some physicians prefer you pair CBD with your medications, while others prefer medications only. In rare circumstances, CBD can interact negatively with certain medications.

Specifics about treating with CBD

Over-the-counter CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA. It’s important to understand this before making the decision about using cannabis to treat epilepsy. However, prescriptions for medical CBD are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In the future, new laws may change this, and all CBD products could be regulated by the government. 

When you first use CBD for epilepsy, go slow and start with a low dosage. Dosing too much at one time can actually have the opposite effect than what you were expecting. Try to find a baseline amount at 2 – 5mg, twice to three times daily. 

Go at this pace for at least 7 days before attempting to take more. Remember, CBD does not have the same possible addictive effects’ as THC, as it does not include the high’ sensation. This is even more reason for using CBD oils in the treatment of various illnesses.

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CBD and LucidaClub

There are many products available that contain CBD, THC, and a combination of both. While recreational products may not be made specifically for illnesses, you can still enjoy a sublingual dose of CBD oil or a CBD-based vape product. At LucidaClub, we aren’t just concerned about having a euphoric time, oh no. We love to hear stories about how cannabis has helped you improve your health and lifestyle as well. 

So, enjoy a CBD product today and you might just notice the difference immediately.