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Cannabis and Covid-19

By LucidaClub

So, cannabis has the potential to prevent the onset of the SARS Covid-19 virus. But does this mean it’s time to break out our stash and indulge while feeling indestructible?

Researchers recently discovered that cannabis could help prevent the spread of variants of Covid-19. But let’s take a closer look at what they mean before you get too excited about the cannabis revolution. Does inhaling cannabis do the trick and make you impenetrable to the pandemic beasties? Does munching mindlessly on edibles make you immune to this virus?

So, here’s how cannabis suddenly defeated Covid-19

In a study at the Oregon State University, researchers, headed by Richard Van Breeman, discovered that two cannabinoids could block variants of the Covid-19 virus from human cells. When this news erupted into the public, social media went wild, grabbing the information and running with it.

Tweets started popping up all over the place with statements that bragged about cannabis use being the reason why certain people never contracted the virus. The truth is many people never took the time to dig deeper into the research to learn just how cannabis played a part against the virus.

But here are the real facts

Unfortunately, information has been skewed. The truth is, any form of cannabis, after being burned, is not effective against Covid-19, hence smoking probably doesn’t make you immune to the virus. However, there are truths behind the rumors, and the Oregon State University story is based on fact. So, here’s what we’re looking at with cannabis vs. Covid-19.

In the future, and I stress the word FUTURE”, compounds in cannabis, with enough money and time invested, could be used to effectively battle the Covid-19 virus, vindicating the use of cannabis. This also means making the study of cannabis well worth investments in other areas as well. It’s just a bit early to make huge assumptions about the power of the herb. The bottom line is, yes, cannabis has a huge potential to change the outcome of this horrific pandemic, thus possibly protecting thousands of people from sickness.

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How does cannabis protect against Covid-19?

So, here’s the science of it. Cannabinoids, CBG‑A, and CBD‑A, non-psychoactive components were found to inhibit the growth of the Covid virus. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Natural Products, the same study headed by Van Breeman in Oregon. Van Breeman is a researcher in the Oregon State’s College of Pharmacy, Global Hemp Innovation Center, and the Linus Pauling Institute. 

Colleagues and Van Breeman found that pairs of cannabinoid acids can bind to the Sars Cov‑2 spike protein, and this action blocks the critical step that the virus needs to infect people. These acids or compounds, yes, you guessed it, are cannabigerol acid (CBGA) and cannabidiol acid (CBDA). It gets even more interesting as well. The same spike protein targeted by these cannabinoid acids is the same spike protein that is targeted by vaccines and antibody therapies.

So, if not inhaled cannabis, then how?

First off, this research is in infancy, meaning it hasn’t even left the petri dish yet. It would have to be tested on animals and then humans to prove its effectiveness. Then, again, this Is not about vaping or smoking, as burned elements of cannabis aren’t effective at binding to these virus cells. There are two factors here.

One, as I just stated, testing must be complete and proven as a safe option for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus from person to person, And two, a logical vehicle for the cannabinoids, CBG‑A and CBD‑A must be created for ease of use. For instance, using cannabis to combat the Covid-19 virus, could mean utilizing a hemp-based supplement.

But Van Breeman stresses that the supplement would not be a replacement for the vaccine, but maybe an additional means of protection against the virus. And for those who have pre-existing health concerns, maybe even an ongoing treatment to ward off the infection.

More hope for cannabis protection

There is also promise with cannabis being a helpful solution against the Covid-19 virus as it’s been tested and tried already to be safe for human consumption for other issues. It’s just going to take time. As cannabinoid compounds vary from strain to strain, scientists must find a way to consistently formulate a supplement that works the same every time. Also, if THC‑A is also being used in the formulation of this supplement, this will concern the Federal prohibition laws and how to get around those as well.

In conclusion

There is so much promise for this innovative solution to Covid-19 prevention and treatment. But as you see, there’s much more to be done before we see a true product on the market. 

In the meantime, stay safe, and enjoy tested and popular products at LucidaClub. Whether it’s a tincture or a yummy edible, you won’t be disappointed. 

Sit back, relax, and let’s see what the future holds for cannabis and the revolution of Covid-19 cures.