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Cannabis and Intimacy

By LucidaClub

Cannabis and Intimacy

Your physical and mental health are important, and that is why it’s important to have a smart lifestyle. Cannabis is a natural substance that helps improve the way you live, but did you know that it can also influence the libido?

Let’s talk about Cannabis and Intimacy 

Many claim the relaxing properties of cannabis help them connect with their partners and enhance physical intimacy. Where there is a sense of routine’ that sometimes arises surrounding physical intimacy, cannabis can enhance sensuality, adding something special to everyday life. 

For some, chronic pain can get in the way of the full sexual experience, affecting the desire to be intimate. When this happens, moods are also affected, and frustration heightens. With cannabis products, specially formulated to improve intimacy, pain is reduced, replaced with pleasure. But cannabis doesn’t work alone. Combined with special herbs and supplements, this soothing solution can make a world of difference in your relationship.

Here’s a few statistics:

In a study reported in the journal, Sexual Medicine, a survey was conducted to gauge the effects of cannabis on the libido. Over 350 women participated in this survey which included questions about sexual intimacy and marijuana usage. 

This survey included questions about satisfaction, lubrication, orgasms, and their current sex life. The survey also included questions about marijuana use in general. Out of the participants, 176 women said they do use cannabis, 52.8 % of the 176 women said they experience stronger orgasms, 60.6 % said they had a higher sex drive, and 68.5 % said they had an overall higher sex drive.

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Cannabis-based products for intimacy

Surprisingly, there are few cannabis-based products for intimacy. These various solutions are recommended as an effective way of relaxation, pain relief, and increase in pleasure. Let’s take a look at a couple of these products and their origins.

Purient: Bedroom Cannabis

A husband-and-wife team, Sieh and Leah Samura, founded the company 612 Studios in September 2018. To get their products onto the market, they turned to Sira naturals for approval. They’ve created a few products used for physical and mental health benefits, but now, they’ve created something extraordinary. Purient, a cannabis infused product that improves sexual intimacy has just been released, making its way across Massachusetts.

Sieh and Leah Samura came together from interesting backgrounds. Sieh was part of a private cannabis club and Leah was studying to be a sex therapist. With their combined knowledge in both the areas of intimacy and cannabis, prurient was developed.

Purient is a 100% natural product that’s GMO, pesticide, and chemical free. It contains both THC and CBD to balance euphoria with relaxation. Purient can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, and it only combined with pure intimate oils to create a comfortable experience.

1906, Love Drops

The name, 1906, comes from the first last time cannabis was used for medicinal purposes before prohibition. Now that it’s becoming more widely accepted, there’s not only a need for improved physical and mental health through marijuana infused products, but also a more sensitive need. 

With 1906 Love Drops, you have an innovative aphrodisiac made from exotic herbs, enhanced with cannabis. The cannabis properties are used to create a more sensual vibe in the bedroom. Love drops increases blood flow, reduces inhibitions, boosts lubrication, and improves stamina.

Exotic herbs found in 1906, Love Drops include Muira Puama, Catuaba, which naturally increases blood flow, beneficial for men and women. It also contains Theobromine which increases endurance, Ashwagandha which heightens the libido, and Damiana, as it helps women reach orgasm and increase sensuality. These herbs, together with cannabis, create a powerful product.

Cannabis and Intimacy: Interesting Tidbits

  • 1:1 (Equal parts of THC and CBD) tends to be a great combination when you want that euphoric feeling and still feel relaxed. A discontinued product from Revolutionary Clinics The Foreplay” bar, created a chocolate bar that included this 1:1 ratio. This chocolate bar also included Horny Goat Weed and Long John herbs. 

  • In the early 1900s, prior to the ban of cannabis, couple’s counsellors suggested the cessation of alcohol consumption and replacement with hashish as an aphrodisiac.

  • There is robust support coming from the University of Buffalo that state cannabis creates a more loving, caring, and supportive intimate experience.

Keep Exploring Cannabis and Intimacy

While there is still much to learn in this area, the outlook is promising. Always do your research and try out different products to find one that makes you feel comfortable. You can enjoy these products now and add your voice to the many who’ve already tried cannabis intimacy solutions. Don’t forget to try other health related products as well. 

LucidaClub is here to guide and help you in your cannabis discovery and journey. It’s time to enjoy life to the fullest.