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Cannabis and travel DO NOT MIX

By LucidaClub

Stop right there! You better think twice before traveling with that vape pen. Have you seen the news lately? Cannabis and travel are playing a part in possibly changing a young woman’s life.

During the Ukrainian/​Russian conflict, an American basketball player has been detained for traveling to Russia while carrying cannabis products. Britney Griner, WNBA star playing for the U.S. team Phoenix Mercury, was arrested in Russia for carrying cannabis vape cartridges in her luggage. Apparently, this offense can carry a 10-year sentence for the All-Star. 

Griner arrived at the Sheremetyevo airport close to Moscow and then stopped while moving through customs. Dogs sniffed out her luggage alerting authorities, and then x‑rays confirmed the athlete was indeed carrying illegal cannabis.

Worst possible timing

Russian president, Vladimir Putin ordered an unprovoked attack against Ukraine on February 24th of this year. As of the middle of March, over 1500 Ukrainians and Russians have been killed. The world holds its breath, hoping that peace talks can stop this unnecessary war. 

Around the same time, Britney Griner was scheduled to travel to Russia to play with the Russian women’s basketball team, of which she is also a member. She’s been a member of the Russian team, the UMMC Ekaterinburg, since the year 2015

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Travel and the NBA

Britney Griner is an Olympic Gold medalist who decided not only to play for the NBA but also play in Russia during the winter season. Each year, she makes $1 million just for playing in Russia. Due to the Russian team taking a break for the FIBA World Cup, Britney Griner traveled back to the states for a couple of weeks. It was only on her return for the second half of the season that she was detained.

Other WNBA players left Russia and Ukraine when first hearing news of the conflict. Yet, Britney was brave enough to return. Unfortunately, her bravery and choices leave her in a very negative situation.

Britney Griner has been in custody now for over 2 weeks and her partner, Cherelle Watson Griner is worried about both her physical and mental health. So is the rest of her family and friends. She hasn’t played basketball since January, and there’s no further information about when she may be released. Unfortunately, this may not be resolved any time soon.

What we need to know about this situation

We may not have any pull or any way to help Britney Griner, but we can offer any support when available. Otherwise, we’ve already learned a valuable lesson from this situation. It’s just not the best idea to travel with cannabis, especially when traveling to another country, and during wartime at that. Although what Griner did, in most people’s opinions, was harmless, this doesn’t matter. It’s just NEVERGOOD TIME TO TRAVEL WITH CANNABIS!

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Cannabis and travel: How will this situation play out?

Britney Griner was carrying cartridges containing oil from cannabis, at least this is what Russian Customs Officials told the news. Although laws and regulations in the United States may not hold a harsh sentence for this offense, in Russia, it’s a completely different story. 

According to the Russian Customs Service, they believe Britney Griner was trafficking drugs for others, but this was probably not the case at all. During this time, rules will be harsher and more unforgiving. Lies will also be more common. You can’t believe everything you hear right now, considering the world seems to be in chaos.

Since the U.S. stands with Ukraine, putting sanctions on Russia, this is a bad time for Britney Griner to be detained. Her crime can land her a decade in jail unless officials are merciful. This will depend on the results of the upcoming investigation into the crime.

We are aware and are closely monitoring the situation with Britney Griner in Russia”

-Phoenix Mercury

All safety precautions

The State Department has ordered a Do Not Travel’ advisory concerning Russia. American citizens in Russia are urged to depart the country and return home. This includes any Americans with businesses or family in Russia. Reasons for this urgency are due to the potential harassment or harm of U.S. citizens by the Russian Government and officials. And, by all means, DO NOT TRAVEL WITH CANNABIS!

Your safety is important to LucidaClub. We believe in spreading peace and harmony with cannabis products and the latest important news considering developments with marijuana usage. New products are entering the market every day, and we want to make sure you get the chance to enjoy them. 

So, find a cozy place at home, enjoy a nice warm vape or edible. Even invite some friends over for the weekend. And always keep in mind that cannabis and travel, just do not mix. Be safe and support your fellow man.