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Cannabis and Why we Love it!

By LucidaClub

Cannabis isn’t just about smoking and/​or getting high.”

For some people, there’s a misconception about marijuana. There’s a stereotype that portrays cannabis as a source for getting high”, and yes, it does bring quite a pleasurable experience. However, there are so many other positive aspects to cannabis. And this is why we love it so much.

Cannabis and sleep

Individuals around the world have trouble sleeping, and they often turn to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals as a solution. Cannabis is a hero to those who wrestle with insomnia. You see, cannabis subdues the active brain, helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake well-rested. A combination of THC and CBD balances out to promote a better night’s rest.

And considering pain is one of the reasons it’s difficult to fall asleep, it’s easy to see how cannabis can help. Cannabis is widely known to soothe various pains throughout the body, helping you to relax. Marijuana products reduce tension and stress as well – this is another reason cannabis is a great natural sleep aid.

Cannabis and sport’s recovery

Sports injuries are also common, and athletes, again, turn to traditional medications for relief. But with cannabis, muscle relaxation and healing can begin and end with no side effects. Although not all industries have yet to legalize the use of cannabis for sports injuries, there are many who have. 

Cannabis provides anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties simultaneously, so athletes can return to the sport quickly. With a balance of THC and CBD, sports injuries are improved, and energy is increased. It’s a win for everyone when it comes to cannabis and its beneficial properties.

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Cannabis and intimacy

When it comes to intimacy, cannabis can do wonders. Considering some products offer a balance of relaxation and energy, it’s perfect for enhancing the love life. You see, stress from various areas in life can decrease desire, but cannabis-based products, with mood-enhancing properties, can both relax and stimulate the important systems of the body related to intimacy. And yes, this includes the mind as well as the libido.

Cannabis and PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect many areas of life, including relationships and the workplace. It can also affect intimacy as well. One of the notable cannabis-based intimacy products was actually invented by a couple, with one partner dealing with the effects of PTSD from wartime.

This disorder can be debilitating, causing nightmares, panic attacks, and other dramatic stress issues. With the help of cannabis, these symptoms can be tempered. Continuing research is finding that even traumatic memories can be replaced with more pleasant ones due to the use of cannabis products.

Cannabis and yoga

For centuries, cannabis and yoga have paired well when attempting to reach spiritual enlightenment. In fact, when enjoying yoga in conjunction with cannabis, you experience a much better sense of self-awareness and your present position in the universe. Many people who’ve experienced cannabis and yoga say it’s easier to find relaxation and focus.

The use of cannabis in yoga practices comes from ancient belief systems in both India and South America. Cannabis symbols are displayed on ancient gods and goddesses throughout the country of India and in indigenous American communities. It goes to show that the celebration of cannabis is a powerful tradition.

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Cannabis and the LGBTQ+ community

The LGBTQ+ community and cannabis have fought a similar fight throughout history. Both have been stereotyped, vilified, and outlawed. There’s no wonder that both these revolutionary movements run parallel. Cannabis is loved throughout the LGBTQ+ community and proclaimed a beneficial herb that was there for them when no one else was standing up to fight. 

Cannabis is known as one medicinal herb that helped those suffering from HIV and AIDS during the 70s and 80s. As there were no other cures for this horrible condition, cannabis was soothing and healing. However, it was illegal, so access to the herb was difficult at best. Still, there is a warm place in the hearts of the LGBTQ+ community for cannabis as a loyal friend to hurting people.

Cannabis and women

Cannabis has also become a faithful companion to women of all ages. A generation of social wine drinkers now includes cannabis as another way to unwind from a hectic day at work, dealing with children, or placing a soothing balm on relationship problems. 

International Women’s Day just passed, and many women around the world enjoyed a few drinks, and also a nice soothing euphoric cannabis experience as well. At least we hope they took the opportunity to make the most of the special day.

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Other reasons why we love cannabis

Cannabis is not just a special treat for a few communities of people, nor is it just for solving medical issues. Yes, cannabis is still fun for fun’s sake as well. In fact, cannabis beverages are in the making as we speak, which will expand on existing delicious options. Even canna-beer is on the horizon. 

Whichever form of cannabis you choose, just keep two important things in mind: educate yourself on cannabis and travel and be informed about the facts of cannabis and its effects on breastfeeding mothers. These are also topics that should be addressed and understood. We love cannabis, it’s true. But safety should be the top concern.

Cannabis and the Club

Here at LucidaClub, we wouldn’t want to leave a single rock unturned when it comes to cannabis. There is so much more to this groundbreaking herb, and we want you to know everything there is to know. So, take a break from life and enjoy a thirst-quenching drink or inhale a powerfully energetic flower. Just remember, there’s always more to cannabis than meets the eye.