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Cannabis and Yoga

By LucidaClub

There are those who practice Yoga, and then there are those who indulge in the cannabis experience. And then you have ones who simply reach higher levels of existence…with both.

More people are practicing what’s referred to as ganjasana’, a ceremony, derived from indigenous populations of the Amazon, of combining cannabis with yoga for spiritual and physical healing. Cannabis and Yoga are a classic pairing. 

While you may be inclined to disagree, hold on a minute. It’s true, enjoying cannabis can make you silly, sleepy, or for some, even paranoid, but there’s another side to this curious herb. There is a deep and ancient spiritual connection between cannabis and yoga. So yeah, ganjasana, or cannabis with yoga is an important aspect of life for many people, and a curiosity for others.

Cannabis and yoga reconnection

Pairing yoga with cannabis may seem like a new practice, and in the United States it may be the latest craze. However, it’s more like a reunion of sorts, moving back to the origin of being. According to Hindu beliefs, cannabis has always been a part of the spirituality of yoga practices, then known as Hatha. For millennia, this herb was seen as sacred in India.

In fact, in Hindu foundational texts, Vedas trace the use of cannabis by holy men and yogis back to ancient times.

  • Shiva

Masculine Hindu deity, also known as the God of Cannabis. Depictions of this Hindu god, including statues and tapestries show Shiva holding a cluster of herbs or a long pipe. Shiva and Shakti (an androgenous form recognized as Ardhana Ishvara) are also shown enjoying the herb.

Shiva’s topknot is apparently shown sprouting cannabis leaves, and this is interesting because Shiva’s hair knot symbolizes the source of the Ganges River flow which is life.

  • Indra

A Vedic goddess who considered cannabis nectar a favorite drink. Cannabis has long been thought of as a connection to the divine. 

Other ancient spiritual links

The term ganjasana’ actually comes from the Shipibo indigenous people of South America, primarily in the Amazon. Ancient herbal medicines and meditations are used by ayahuasca shamans in traditional ceremonies there and have been for centuries.

The combination of cannabis, yoga, and ayahuasca may be responsible for healing some of the most stubborn diseases, including cancer. The use of cannabis during yoga ceremonies and practices may be different from region to region, but it’s slowly bridging the gap of healing and spirituality. Could cannabis actually be an ancient miracle medicine when paired with yoga? 

Woman doing yoga

And what is yoga, exactly?

Most people are familiar with the surface definition of yoga, but many aren’t aware of the deep implications of this ceremony. Yoga is a connection between the body, which is the creation’ and breath, which is the essence of creation’. Now, let that really sink in a moment. 

Aha! Extraordinary, isn’t it? As creation and the essence of this creation align, we are connected with our spirit. At this place, we recognize self-awareness, peace, and empowerment. Now, going back to Shiva, in ancient Hindu practices. Shiva provided the gift of cannabis to help us reach enlightenment, which is where our creation and essence meet – it’s our pure spirit.

How cannabis actively affects yoga

And research has shown that cannabis indeed DOES enhance our yoga experience, helping us attain deeper connections with ourselves. Here are a few things you may experience for yourself with a cannabis infused yoga session:

  • Sense may be heightened, first a little distracting, but as you continue, these heightened feelings start to flow with you.

  • Quicker drops into the meditative flow instead of purposeful mind-clearing.

  • A deeper connection to muscles and insides, meaning a quieter mind and less emphasis on nailing’ poses. Instead, more emphasis on breathing and being.

  • More synced with the music or silence, whichever preferred. Not as concerned with flowing smoothly, which produced a smoother flow.

Woman doing yoga

Healing and the truth 

So, considering cannabis is known to provide medicinal solutions to so many health concerns, and yoga addresses our inner truth of being, put this information together. Yoga and cannabis were meant to be together, just like soulmates, you might say. Beliefs that clearly showcase ancient Hindu gods suggestively offering cannabis products cannot be ignored. And a millennium of combined practices must have some merit.

Healing your body and mind simultaneously has always been a result of practicing yoga, as it’s been the same result of enjoying cannabis products. With ganjasana or cannabis and yoga combined practices, it’s clear to see the elevated and remarkable benefits that can potentially come from this union.

Yoga and cannabis: an obvious pairing

So, yes, the use of yoga and cannabis shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, it seems quite normal to me. If you’ve never engaged in yoga while enjoying cannabis, maybe you should. However, the choice is yours to make.

At LucidaClub, curiosity is important. That’s why we encourage you to try a cannabis infused snack or a soothing delicious vape. And while you’re at it, maybe experiment with a bit of inner work. At least dip your toes into the essence of your creation today.