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Cannabis Beverages

By LucidaClub

Beverages are thirst quenching and refreshing on their own, but how life-changing could they be if elevated to a higher level? Cannabis is changing how we view beverages and improving every day.

Enjoying cannabis in consumable products isn’t just about snacking on chocolate bars or gummies anymore. Now, beverages are breaking into the market as a familiar and convenient way to consume cannabis. Beverages, from non-alcoholic beer to powdered drink additives, are quickly becoming a sensation.

Pros and Cons of the Cannabis Beverage Industry

As legalization moves forward, changing history across the country, more companies are diving into the cannabis beverage industry. You see, much like other cannabis infused products, cannabis drinks are difficult to make at home. In fact, with beverages quickly separating during the process, it’s almost impossible to homogenize the beverage properly.

Here’s the problem that even industries deal with, cannabis is notoriously hard to infuse into beverages. This is because of two reasons. One: infusing cannabis into alcohol is illegal, and two: cannabis extracts, usually in oil form, just don’t mix with water. It’s clear where the problem lies. 

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Modern Technology to the Rescue

Cannabis beverage companies are utilizing modern technology to get the good stuff from cannabis into delicious drinks. Yes, it’s possible. With a process called nano-emulsification’, the oil from cannabis is broken into tiny particles and combined with an emulsifier. An emulsifier helps oils dissolve in water.

When this is done, the beverage is considered consistent. This means, with every sip, the same amount of cannabis components can be enjoyed in a yummy drink. A couple companies who now use this process to successfully create cannabis drinks are Levia and Select. 

Effects of Nano-Cannabis Edibles and Drinks

Edibles and drinks made with nanotechnology are different in a few ways. With this innovative technology, cannabis also has different effects. Cannabis beverages can have a faster onset time of between 5 and 15 minutes, with the euphoric sensation fading around 2 hours later, like that of beer intoxication.

This experience is a more predictable one that the cannacurious appreciate. And of course, veterans find these beverages revolutionary. Because these cannabinoids are water soluble, they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Cannabinoids also skip the liver giving you the same effects as with inhaling. 

You see, the liver absorption is what makes edibles stronger than inhalation due to the 11 Hydroxy THC production. And since this doesn’t happen during inhalation, and inhalation effects are like the effects of fast acting cannabis beverages, you receive a controlled experience that’s easy to handle and predict.

Various Cannabis Beverages

There are quite a few different types of cannabis beverages making their way across the nation. These beverages provide a truly unique experience that anyone can enjoy. Cannabis beverages are also one of the fastest growing sectors in the beverage market.

  • Cannabis beer

As stated before, canna-beer is a non-alcoholic beverage. It is created in much the same way as traditional beer, and then it is dealcoholized. This keeps the drink legal where cannabis products are recognized recreationally and medicinally. Two brands stand out when it comes to cannabis beer: Hifi Hops, a collaboration between Lagunitas and Absolute Extracts. 

  • Cannabis wines

Like canna-beer, wines must also undergo the complicated process of alcohol removal. As of now, there are few options for cannabis wine, but Rebel Coast and House of Saka are two notable brands. Rebel Coast offers sparkling sauvages, while House of Saka, Napa-based company offers a sparkling mimosa, along with its original pink and red wine selections.

  • Cannabis soda

Cannabis sodas are also available and being perfected more and more each day. Some of the notable brands are Olala, Keef Brands, and Wunder. Some of the popular flavors include root beer and orange soda. 

With the Wunder brand, you can expect interesting products like Blood Orange Bitters and a newer product that feels more like a ready to drink cocktail instead of a soda. This newer product is a low calorie, lightly-sweetened option. The Wunder brand is also available in both low and high concentrates.

  • Cannabis seltzers

Seltzers are in every brand of beverage and now makes its way into cannabis beverages as well. A few mentionable seltzer brands are Voila!, which uses California mountain water to create classic smooth flavors, Gem + Jane, a brand that appeals to women and has 5 different flavors and mild THCV content, and the French-inspired Le Chronique with its sparkling beverages.

  • Cannabis powders

While not technically beverages, cannabis infused powders can be dissolved into water or other beverages for a euphoric feeling. Brands Purejuana and MyHi provide canna-powders for on-the-go solutions. These, along with canned sodas are becoming more popular as time goes by.

Note: Beverage products to keep your eye on are teas, ciders, tonics, and spirit elixirs. Also, syrups are being created with flavors such as lemon, raspberry, and watermelon which can also be mixed to make cannabis mocktails. Tinctures can also be added to drinks for a cannabis kick. There is no limit to how you can create your custom beverage. This market is only growing larger and will continue in years to come.

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Starting low and slow

Enjoying cannabis beverages is a great idea. However, just like any other cannabis product, it’s smart to begin slowly. Brands such as CANN offer options for those who may be a bit hesitant with mind-altering THC. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission suggests starting with the equivalency of half the recommended amount of a starter edible when first trying a cannabis beverage. This is a great way to start your journey with enjoying a new product.

At Lucida Club, we are always excited about the latest innovative cannabis products hitting the market. As things evolve and grow, we look forward to sharing all the new and improved options with you. 

Stay tuned for even more revolutionary changes and improvements. Let’s learn and enjoy together.