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Cannabis Tinctures: Rediscovering a Classic

By LucidaClub

Cannabis is a familiar favorite, and an introduction to Cannabis tinctures is necessary. This is not your ordinary product; it’s a must have for seasoned beginners.

Early tinctures before legalization were alcohol based but in today’s modern market they’re made with oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, and more. Removing the alcohol allows us to enjoy cannabis without the harsh taste or side effects of consuming alcohol. These modern tinctures have a wide range of uses from simply holding under the tongue for fast acting effects to adding to a salad dressing or favorite recipe.

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Now, legal once more, reintroducing tinctures just may be a smart move. This is especially true for those who may be looking for something a little different.

Although it can be done, making cannabis tinctures at home isn’t recommended, as it could be a hassle, and could possibly cause injury using amateur equipment. However, purchasing tinctures from a trusted source could be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

THC vs. CBD tinctures

With tinctures, you should understand a few things. First, THC and CBD tinctures vary between the two. They are not the same thing.

THC tinctures are popular among cannabis users but could also become a favorite for beginners. For so many people who enjoy cannabis, this is a good choice. As long as you are aware of the well-known effects of cannabis, a tincture should be quite pleasant.

CBD tinctures have much of the same medicinal benefits minus the intoxication. CBD is widely used in states which have yet to legalize recreational use of cannabis, or by those who prefer the pain relieving benefits alone.

There are also tinctures with both CBD and THC mixtures, blending in various amounts of each. You could have all the benefits of the cannabis plant in an easy to use product.

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Benefits of Cannabis tinctures

There are many benefits of using tinctures as opposed to other sources. Considering everyone is unique, your personal preference may be a low-profile product, or a product that’s convenient. 

Tinctures are usually packaged in a small bottle with a dropper, which is discrete. Cannabis tinctures may also not have any noticeable marijuana aroma either, which is something many people try to hide.

With a dropper, you may be able to disperse a more desired amount, making sure you start off slow, and work up to your desired effect.

Effects with tinctures are usually faster for some, being that they are taken sublingually. Taken under the tongue, the intoxicating properties may last longer.

Tinctures are so convenient in size. They are some of the easiest vehicles in cannabis delivery to the body. You may keep them most anywhere you like, easily partaking of the valuable properties.

And let’s not forget calories. Tinctures are not like edibles, as they do not contain the calories present in food additives.

Safety and Fun

Even if you understand the effects, starting from the beginning with a cannabis tincture is best. It’s not only important to have an introduction to cannabis tinctures, but it’s also imperative to know your tolerance. Like all edibles we recommend starting with a 5mg or less dose and wait 2 hours for full effects to start. 

How the adventure comes and goes?

Unlike other sources of cannabis, tinctures have a fast onset. Since they are placed directly under the tongue, effects are usually felt in 15 minutes or less. This may be one of the fastest ways to deliver an enjoyable euphoria, and powerful pain relief. As the liquid enters the bloodstream, it is absorbed quickly. 

Effects of cannabis tinctures last a similar amount of time as edibles and may be taken in conjunction with or added to edibles as well. Tinctures could provide long-lasting intoxicating effects and hours of various relief from pain.


In this introduction to cannabis tinctures, I hope you’ve learned just how safe and convenient THC and CBD products may be. If you wish to try something familiar but new, LucidaClub provides great options in our Curated Experiences. Maybe you will fall in love with a variety of our cannabis products. Don’t deny yourself this experience and come begin your cannabis journey here, with LucidaClub.