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Cannabis Tinctures: Rediscovering a Classic

By LucidaClub

For those who are redis­cov­er­ing a famil­iar favorite, an intro­duc­tion to Cannabis tinc­tures is nec­es­sary. This is not your ordi­nary prod­uct; it’s a must have for sea­soned beginners.

In case you’re won­der­ing, the Cannabis tinc­ture is not the same as THC or CBD oils. Unlike oils, tinc­tures are extract­ed using alco­hol. The alco­hol is also a basic ingre­di­ent in the tinc­ture itself. Before tinc­tures ini­tial­ly became ille­gal in the Unit­ed States, they were the pri­ma­ry source of Cannabis med­i­cines and oth­er usages. 

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Now, legal once more, rein­tro­duc­ing tinc­tures is a smart move. This is espe­cial­ly true for those who once smoked but may be look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle different.

Although it can be done, mak­ing cannabis tinc­tures at home isn’t rec­om­mend­ed, as it can be a has­sle, and could pos­si­bly cause injury using ama­teur equip­ment. How­ev­er, pur­chas­ing tinc­tures from a trust­ed source can be a thor­ough­ly enjoy­able experience.

THC vs. CBD tinctures

If you’re new to tinc­tures, you should under­stand a few things. First, THC and CBD tinc­tures vary between the two. They are not the same thing.

THC tinc­tures are pop­u­lar among mar­i­jua­na users, but can also become a favorite for begin­ners. For those who may have enjoyed smok­ing in their ear­li­er years, but haven’t tried any­thing late­ly, this is a good choice. As long as you are aware of the well-known affects of mar­i­jua­na, this tinc­ture should be quite pleasant.

CBD tinc­tures have much of the same med­i­c­i­nal ben­e­fits minus the intox­i­ca­tion. CBD is wide­ly used in states which have yet to legal­ize recre­ation­al use of cannabis, or by those who pre­fer the pain reliev­ing ben­e­fits alone.

There are also tinc­tures with both CBD and THC mix­tures, blend­ing in var­i­ous amounts of each. You can have all ben­e­fits of the cannabis plant in an easy to use product.

Cannabis Tincture

Ben­e­fits of Cannabis tinctures

There are many ben­e­fits of using tinc­tures as opposed to oth­er sources. Con­sid­er­ing every­one is unique, your per­son­al pref­er­ence may be a low-pro­file prod­uct, or a prod­uct that’s convenient. 

Tinc­tures are usu­al­ly pack­aged in a small bot­tle with a drop­per, which is dis­crete. Cannabis tinc­tures also do not have any notice­able mar­i­jua­na aro­ma either, which is some­thing many peo­ple try to hide.

With a drop­per, you can dis­perse more pre­cise dosages, mak­ing sure you start off slow, and work up to your desired amount.

Effects with tinc­tures are faster, being that they are tak­en sub­lin­gual­ly. Tak­en under the tongue, the intox­i­cat­ing prop­er­ties last longer.

Tinc­tures are so con­ve­nient in size. They are some of the eas­i­est vehi­cles in cannabis deliv­ery to the body. You can keep them most any­where you like, eas­i­ly par­tak­ing of the valu­able properties.

And let’s not for­get calo­ries. Tinc­tures are not like edi­bles, as they do not con­tain the calo­ries present in food additives.

Safe­ty and dosages

Maybe you expe­ri­enced cannabis in col­lege but haven’t enjoyed the intox­i­cat­ing effects in quite some time. Well, even if you under­stand the effects, start­ing from the begin­ning with a cannabis tinc­ture is best. It’s not only impor­tant to have an intro­duc­tion to cannabis tinc­tures, but it’s also imper­a­tive to know your dosage.

For your first dosage of THC rich tinc­tures, 0.25 mg once in the morn­ing and once in the evening dur­ing the first 4 days is best. This gets you used to the feel­ing you had dur­ing those years in the uni­ver­si­ty. At 5 – 7 days, only increase the evening dose to 0.50 mg.

At week two, espe­cial­ly if you use the THC cannabis tinc­ture for pain, you can increase dosages to 0.50 mg both morn­ing and evening. As time goes by, slight increas­es accord­ing to what you can han­dle is fine. Remem­ber, con­sis­ten­cy is key in main­tain­ing a nice smooth bal­ance of calm and exhil­a­rant high.

How the high comes and goes?

Unlike oth­er sources of cannabis, tinc­tures have a fast onset. Since they are placed direct­ly under the tongue, effects are felt in 15 min­utes or less. This is one of the fastest ways to deliv­er an enjoy­able eupho­ria, and pow­er­ful pain relief. As the liq­uid enters the blood­stream, it is absorbed quickly. 

Effects of cannabis tinc­tures last a sim­i­lar amount of time as edi­bles and can be tak­en in con­junc­tion with or added to edi­bles as well. Tinc­tures pro­vide long-last­ing intox­i­cat­ing effects and hours of var­i­ous relief from pain.


In this intro­duc­tion to cannabis tinc­tures, I hope you’ve learned just how safe and con­ve­nient THC and CBD prod­ucts can be. If you’re a for­mer cannabis vet­er­an and wish to try some­thing famil­iar but new, Luci­da­Club pro­vides the best in cannabis tinc­tures. We also pro­vide sim­i­lar enjoy­able prod­ucts with our care­ful­ly curat­ed expe­ri­ence box. Maybe you will fall in love with a vari­ety of our cannabis prod­ucts. Don’t deny your­self this expe­ri­ence. Con­tact us today.