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Cannabumps: Could this Controversial Product be An Alternative to Smoking?

By LucidaClub

Cannabis is a wonderfully beneficial herb, but there’s one interesting concern. Many people want more alternatives for inhaling marijuana. And so Cannabumps appeared on the California market.

Inhaling cannabis, in the past, meant smoking marijuana. And that was pretty much the whole story. Over time, new avenues of ingesting cannabis became available, first in European countries and then in the states. But smoking continued and it still does. The problem: now more people want to move to pure ways of inhaling cannabis.

The popularity of cannabis

Before the cannabis boom in 2020, projections for 2030 were set at more than $200 billion in sales. And since this number is even projected to be much higher as of this year, the need for innovative and fun products will explode.

Cannabis is popular, it is very popular. And with this popularity, there’s always a need to improve marketable products. Considering people are looking for more and more ways to inhale cannabis, there’s a targeted need in this sector. The product, Cannabumps was supposed to fill part of that need, but there was controversy surrounding this option.

The controversy surrounding Cannabumps

Marketed by a cannabis company, THC Living, Cannabumps is a concentrate designed to be inhaled through the nose. It is a high potency THC formulation, crystallized and formed into a powder. And although the product promises a good dose, 600mg, of cannabis, the container and accessories included could be seen as stigmatic.

Cannabumps includes:

  • Glass vial containing powdered cannabis concentrate

  • Card for breaking the cannabis into lines

  • Mini spoon for easy snorting’

Now can you see where this product would catch some flack? And it’s truly unfortunate, as this was created as a way to inhale cannabis without the addition of smoke. However, the marketing was off on this one. And yes, it can be improved to create something that doesn’t resemble hard drugs’.

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And is this product also illegal? 

Well, here’s the thing, first the company proclaimed that Cannabumps was a concentrate and the legal limit on concentrates is 1000mg, with Cannabumps being at 600mg, well under that limit. However, in their advertising, THC Living marketed the product more as being edible, and the edible limit is only 100mg. But it seems this could be corrected by a change of wording. 

Was Cannabumps a joke product’?

It seems a few people on Reddit thought the product must have been a joke. But according to a law firm representing THC Living said the product was definitely real, but it was on a trial run. And when the company saw the backlash from the public, they pulled their own controversial product from the market. 

And the company, THC Living, doesn’t just market this product. They also have a product line of pain relief topicals and THC-infused lemonade. 

How the wrong marketing damages the reputation of cannabis

While this product may seem harmless to some younger generations, it doesn’t look so harmless to others, both young and old. When you consider the good drugs/​bad drugs’ binary, this product has the potential to slow down the mainstream acceptance of cannabis. 

There are two sides to this product. The fear is that products of this nature, although completely harmless to use, can horribly damage how society outside the cannabis-friendly population thinks. Cannabis may be ahead of its time, and if so, that explains so much. 

And even if others understand that this is not the notorious illegal powder, they can use the stigma to further push back the legalization of marijuana everywhere. Companies must always be careful how they market cannabis, as legalization is in such a fragile state at the moment. With the bill for federal legalization sitting in the senate surrounded by debate, cannabis allies are walking on eggshells. 

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Nasal sprays may be a better option

Nasal inhalation is still a better option than smoking, but this area of cannabis consumption is sensitive. A nasal spray would definitely have a much lesser stigma attached as there are nasal sprays on the market for allergies and such. These do not have widely bad reputations.

In fact, 12 healthy subjects were tested after using an oromucosal cannabinoid spray. The spray presented no side effects and only minor psychotropic effects. And this was with 12 sprays of the product.

People care about their lungs more than ever, and nasal sprays are extremely exciting”, says Bob Langlais, head curator of Massachusetts-based LucidaClub. He goes on to say,

The Cannabumps’ downfall was their marketing strategy. I think they were onto something. I just wish they’d branded something more marketable.”

Here’s the point

At LucidaClub, we want you to enjoy your experience with cannabis products. And more than that, we want to promote healthier alternatives to smoking. But it is ultimately your decision how you consume legalized marijuana. So, if you are curious, try a new product today. The market is constantly changing with beverages and hopefully soon, more inhalation options for your health. We appreciate your advocacy and support in offering our honest opinion on the changes and trials of cannabis innovations. Stay tuned for more!