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Getting cannabis out of your system: How long does it take?

By LucidaClub

There’s a neglect­ed ques­tion at the back of many of our minds. How long does it take to get cannabis out of your sys­tem?” It’s time to answer that for you!

There’s no sim­ple answer to a com­pli­cat­ed ques­tion such as, How long does it take to get cannabis out of your sys­tem?”

While peo­ple scram­ble for an answer due to job inter­views, or just curios­i­ty, they must con­sid­er that there are vary­ing fac­tors that deter­mine the answer.

How long does it take?

How long it takes for the last traces of cannabis to leave the body depends on you, what you use, and how you use it. How long the effects last when smok­ing or enjoy­ing edi­bles also plays an impor­tant role in under­stand­ing how long weed swims through your blood­stream, hair fol­li­cles and var­i­ous organs of the body. Study­ing the fac­tors will clear up a lot of mis­con­cep­tions as well.

Cannabis Tincture  and leaves

Clear­ing the system

Cannabis is a won­der­ful herb to enjoy, but even­tu­al­ly, there’s a rea­son to clean the sys­tem. Whether it’s a pri­or­i­ty or just a cleanse for per­son­al rea­sons, you must under­stand the time it takes for get­ting cannabis out of your sys­tem. This means removal from the body, and some­times the impor­tance even lies in how long it takes to remove traces from hair fol­li­cles and nails, as stat­ed before. Just because you might not feel the effects of the high doesn’t mean the cannabis traces are gone. This is a pos­si­ble mis­con­cep­tion among some individuals.

On aver­age, all things con­sid­ered, it takes between 1- 30 days after your last usage, for cannabis traces to leave the sys­tem. In the case of hair, it can take sev­er­al months. As men­tioned, this is on aver­age, and it varies for each per­son. Sev­er­al oth­er fac­tors tell us the facts and vari­a­tions of this time frame.

Fac­tors that deter­mine the answer

Deter­min­ing how long cannabis stays in your sys­tem comes from how you respond to the herb, what type of cannabis you’ve enjoyed, and how much. Here are the fac­tors for get­ting cannabis out of your system.

  • Your age plays a part in how long cannabis stays in your sys­tem. If you’re younger, your metab­o­lism can process the cannabis faster. If old­er, the traces of cannabis may remain for some time.

  • Your weight, metab­o­lism, and health issues deter­mine how long your body retains cannabis too. Metab­o­lism is the rate in which the body burns calo­ries and fat. The faster the metab­o­lism, the faster sub­stances flow out of the system. 

  • The strength of the prod­uct and fre­quen­cy of usage plays a large part in how long cannabis can be detect­ed in your system.

Basic Metab­o­lism factors

The metab­o­lism, although dif­fer­ent from per­son to per­son, basi­cal­ly breaks down cannabis in a par­tic­u­lar way. THC, or delta-9-tetrahy­dro­cannabi­nol enters the blood­stream through the body. If THC is stored in organs such as the liv­er or kid­neys, it can enter the blood­stream that way as well. This hap­pens when you enjoy edi­ble forms of cannabis con­cen­trates. THC is bro­ken down into more than 80 metabo­lites, and this is what drug tests look for. 

And of course, any traces of cannabis are even­tu­al­ly excret­ed through the diges­tive sys­tem, the hair, and the nails. There­fore, answer­ing the ques­tion of how long cannabis stays in your sys­tem can­not pos­si­bly have one answer.

Vari­a­tions in drug testing

As men­tioned, drug test­ing mea­sures THC formed metabo­lites. There are sev­er­al ways in which the metabo­lites can be locat­ed, uti­liz­ing dif­fer­ent forms of testing. 

Urine test­ing

Cannabis can be detect­ed in the urine of occa­sion­al users for 3 days, or more, mod­er­ate users, 5 – 7 days, or more, and chron­ic users for a month or more.

Blood test­ing

Depend­ing on many fac­tors and the type of user, cannabis can be detect­ed from 2 days to up to 25 days or more, in the blood. The more fre­quent the use, the longer sub­stances can be found in the bloodstream.

Sali­va testing

Like blood test­ing, cannabis can be detect­ed any­where from 1 – 2 days, up to almost a month. This also depends on how much and how heavy you smoke or intake cannabis products.

Hair test­ing

Cannabis can be found in the fol­li­cles of the hair for 90 days or more. Cannabis usage can be traced back three months with this sort of test­ing. It can be detect­ed ear­ly if the hair is tak­en near the scalp.

Can cannabis be metab­o­lized faster?

There’s not much you can do about how long cannabis stays in your sys­tem. How­ev­er, there are a few things that might help you cleanse just a bit. Your body is unique, and it needs time to break down sub­stances of dif­fer­ent kinds and vary­ing amounts. Every­one metab­o­lizes cannabis in their own time.

But healthy peo­ple tend to metab­o­lize faster, espe­cial­ly when drink­ing plen­ty of water, exer­cis­ing, and eat­ing healthy foods. But even so, this doesn’t afford a dras­tic change in metab­o­liz­ing times. There are also detox reme­dies which claim to remove traces of cannabis from the sys­tem, but some of them are ques­tion­able. The only ones you can pos­si­bly trust are herbal sup­ple­ments like vit­a­min B‑12 or Cre­a­ti­nine. These sup­ple­ments are more effec­tive when tak­en with plen­ty of water to flush the sys­tem. Again, these aren’t fail­safe cleans­ing methods. 

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