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Hemp Fuel: Is Everybody Ready for an Alternative to Gas?

By LucidaClub

Considering the state of the world today, it’s time to take another look at the benefits of Hemp. There are thousands of uses for this herb, to be honest. But fuel may be a game-changer.

Ever since the industrial revolution, we’ve been using fossil fuels at an unprecedented rate. In fact, we’ve been using these fuels faster than the earth can produce them. Substances such as coal, oil, and natural gas are taken from the earth and utilized for all sorts of things to make life easier. The most common usage for fossil fuels is automobile gas, which when burned releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use safer fuel when operating machinery? Yes, what if we could invest in hemp fuel, creating a more friendly greener operation? Well, I think we can. 

What is hemp fuel?

A product called biofuel can be manufactured from hemp. Biofuels are made from vegetables instead of crude oils or coal. The fibers, grain, fruit, or seed of the hemp plant, or the cellulosic ethanol, can be used to make fuel for machinery like automobiles. The process of producing hemp fuel takes several steps.

First, plants are harvested, shredded, and heated with chemicals. This process coaxes the release of cellulose. This cellulose is transformed into sugar with the addition of enzymes.

hemp leaves with oil barrels

We’ve done this already

Henry Ford dabbled a bit with hemp fuel around the birth date of the automotive revolution. He designed the first Model T automobiles to operate on both gasoline and hemp fuel. Unfortunately, due to the discovery of vast amounts of crude oil at the beginning of the 20th century, hemp was pushed aside for gasoline. Crude oil was pushed by the petroleum industry as the top choice for automobile fuel.

Hemp fuel: Why not?

It could be that oil production was threatened by any other source of fuel at the time of prohibition. This may be the reason why we haven’t started using hemp already. But those times are past, and things are getting a bit uncomfortable. And not to mention, we’re still pumping out noxious gasses into the environment. What better time than now to reintroduce hemp fuels.

As far as providing fuel for the entire world, hemp is the most bioavailable and affordable of all fuel crops, including beet, corn, and palm oils. In fact, hemp fuels are one of the most sustainable fuel sources available. Hemp fuel, compared to other vegetable or grain fuels, is the best all-around. 

And it is a renewable fuel. Yes, all fuels derive from plants, but fossil fuels take millions of years to produce oils for fuel. Hemp can be grown every day, continuously replenishing fuel sources. 

Two types of fuel can be made with hemp:

  • Hemp ethanol/​methanol made from fermented hemp stalks

  • Hemp biodiesel fuel made from hemp seed

hemp leaf with car key

What are the downsides?

With either of these fuel sources, there are a few drawbacks. It does take 50% more fuel to produce the same amount of energy that’s required to operate machinery. Also, it takes a bit longer to produce fuels from hemp, as the plant materials must be pre-treated before the fermentation process. However, since hemp can be grown all over the world, this offsets any of the possible negative setbacks. Investments can be made to help in the production of hemp crops.

Producing hemp oil

Cultivating hemp is also easier than growing other plants. Unlike other crops, hemp grows quickly without additional fertilizers or energy. Hemp is an efficient plant. It costs less per ton, has a higher yield, and high tolerance to stress from environmental factors. Hemp also can ward off diseases from other plants.

Hemp fuel: Here we go again!

Just like Henry Ford did in 1941, Bruce Dietzen, a former corporate in computer sales, experimented with a greener” automobile option. His company, Renew, developed a new type of automobile called the cannabis car”. But not only is Dietzen turning toward hemp fuels, but he’s also constructed the entire shell of the car from cannabis materials and plans to manufacture even more of them

Bruce Dietzen’s desire is to reduce the carbon footprint by around 23% improving the climate. By creating automobiles from hemp and then fueling them with the same plant, he’s creating one of the greenest solutions to driving yet. 

hand with hemp leaf and car in background

Hemp fuels: Excitement for the future

The past few months have drawn a dark cloud over humanity, and it’s understandable. However, the knowledge that hemp fuels can revolutionize the way we view automobiles is promising. And, in case you didn’t know, hemp is more popular than you think. In fact, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin all farmed this plant at one point.

Environmental issues are always going to be important, and at LucidaClub, we support a greener solution. Speaking of solutions, why not enjoy a nice vape inhale or a cannabis brownie today! After all, we should relax a moment and unwind, while dreaming of a greener future. And the future is ours to create.