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Introduction to Cannabis Flower

By LucidaClub

Smoking is a traditional way to partake in the euphoric and pain-relieving qualities of the cannabis flower. You may love smoking cannabis, even if you are a beginner, because this is a quick and easy way to enjoy the experience, however, we appreciate that smoking is not to everybody’s taste, so we offer ways to enjoy cannabis too. 

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How to smoke cannabis flower

If you’ve smoked cannabis as a young adult, then you already know the amazing properties of this flower, which is also referred to by some as bud. Some of you may have little to no experience in this area and may not know how to smoke, but maybe willing to give it a try. While smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy cannabis flower, it is one of the more social and fun ways to enjoy getting high with your friends.

How to smoke a joint

If you are unfamiliar with smoking, and you want to stick with a simple product, you can try using cannabis flower in a joint. Smoking cannabis flowers in this form only requires rolling papers, and buds which have been ground down or broken apart. Those who’ve smoked before may already know how to prepare the flower for smoking, simply breaking them into small pieces, but now, with the help of rolling devices, including grinders which can do that even better. Smoking cannabis flowers is easy. Voila!

Pipe smoking

One of the easiest ways to enjoy smoking is by pipe. These devices are compact and small, requiring nothing extra but a clean filter, cannabis and fire. After grinding or breaking down the cannabis flower, simply pack the desired amount into the bowl of the pipe. Light the cannabis, to burn, and inhale the intoxicating smoke from the flower. One of the benefits of using a pipe is that you can start off using less cannabis flower than in a joint.

Uses of Cannabis Joint Pre Roll

For the novice cannabis flower smoker

Potency varies widely with smoking and cannot be measured in the same way as with tinctures or oils. In this case, starting off with a small amount of flower in the beginning is wise. Also, the amount of times you inhale the joint or bowl and inhale will determine how strong the high will be. 

If you start coughing this can be an indicator that you may have inhaled more smoke than your lungs would like, practice, by inhaling smaller amounts to start off. If you do cough, rest for a bit and breathe in some fresh air and then try again. Also remember that you don’t have to smoke the whole joint in one sitting, you can let it go out and come back to it later. Starting in this way will ensure you won’t become intimidated by this beneficial flower.

A few varieties of cannabis flower you can enjoy are Indica, Sativa, and a Hybrid of the two. The Indica strain is more relaxing while the Sativa strain produces a more energetic effect. Of course the Hybrid has a bit of both.

Feeling the effects

Smoking flower generally produces euphoria that comes on quickly, around 5 minutes, on average between 2 – 10 minutes. This does depend on a few factors, however, like weight, strength and profile of the product, and your personal body chemistry. Smoking, whether from a bowl or joint, is the quickest way to experience the effects of cannabis.

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How long does the experience last when smoking?

The effects of cannabis smoking peak at 10 minutes. This high can last between 1 – 3 hours. Sometimes, the euphoric feeling can last up to 10 hours. Again, like the time it takes to get high, coming back down also depends on body factors and cannabis strength. 

More information for those new to cannabis flower

Flowers aren’t only used for smoking. They can also be used in butters for making THC edibles. Some may even prefer using the bud in this way. Also, if you are wondering what produces the psychological effects of cannabis flowers, that would be the THC component. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is produced by the cannabis plant and stimulates cells in the brain to release dopamine. Which is why so many people enjoy cannabis!

Let’s try the cannabis flower

If you’ve smoked before, and you want to try it again, then why not! If you are a beginner, we encourage you to try smoking cannabis flower, which can be found in LucidaClub’s carefully-curated experience boxes.

With our consultative approach we will help you discover if smoking is right for you and how to best integrate it into your lifestyle, the LucidaClub way!

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