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Introduction to Cannabis Flower

By LucidaClub

Smok­ing is a tra­di­tion­al way to par­take in the euphor­ic and pain-reliev­ing qual­i­ties of the cannabis flower. You may love smok­ing cannabis, even if you are a begin­ner, because this is a quick and easy way to enjoy the expe­ri­ence, how­ev­er, we appre­ci­ate that smok­ing is not to everybody’s taste, so we offer ways to enjoy cannabis too. 

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How to smoke cannabis flower

If you’ve smoked cannabis as a young adult, then you already know the amaz­ing prop­er­ties of this flower, which is also referred to by some as bud. Some of you may have lit­tle to no expe­ri­ence in this area and may not know how to smoke, but maybe will­ing to give it a try. While smok­ing isn’t the only way to enjoy cannabis flower, it is one of the more social and fun ways to enjoy get­ting high with your friends.

How to smoke a joint

If you are unfa­mil­iar with smok­ing, and you want to stick with a sim­ple prod­uct, you can try using cannabis flower in a joint. Smok­ing cannabis flow­ers in this form only requires rolling papers, and buds which have been ground down or bro­ken apart. Those who’ve smoked before may already know how to pre­pare the flower for smok­ing, sim­ply break­ing them into small pieces, but now, with the help of rolling devices, includ­ing grinders which can do that even bet­ter. Smok­ing cannabis flow­ers is easy. Voila!

Pipe smok­ing

One of the eas­i­est ways to enjoy smok­ing is by pipe. These devices are com­pact and small, requir­ing noth­ing extra but a clean fil­ter, cannabis and fire. After grind­ing or break­ing down the cannabis flower, sim­ply pack the desired amount into the bowl of the pipe. Light the cannabis, to burn, and inhale the intox­i­cat­ing smoke from the flower. One of the ben­e­fits of using a pipe is that you can start off using less cannabis flower than in a joint.

Uses of Cannabis Joint Pre Roll

For the novice cannabis flower smoker

Poten­cy varies wide­ly with smok­ing and can­not be mea­sured in the same way as with tinc­tures or oils. In this case, start­ing off with a small amount of flower in the begin­ning is wise. Also, the amount of times you inhale the joint or bowl and inhale will deter­mine how strong the high will be. 

If you start cough­ing this can be an indi­ca­tor that you may have inhaled more smoke than your lungs would like, prac­tice, by inhal­ing small­er amounts to start off. If you do cough, rest for a bit and breathe in some fresh air and then try again. Also remem­ber that you don’t have to smoke the whole joint in one sit­ting, you can let it go out and come back to it lat­er. Start­ing in this way will ensure you won’t become intim­i­dat­ed by this ben­e­fi­cial flower.

A few vari­eties of cannabis flower you can enjoy are Indi­ca, Sati­va, and a Hybrid of the two. The Indi­ca strain is more relax­ing while the Sati­va strain pro­duces a more ener­getic effect. Of course the Hybrid has a bit of both.

Feel­ing the effects

Smok­ing flower gen­er­al­ly pro­duces eupho­ria that comes on quick­ly, around 5 min­utes, on aver­age between 2 – 10 min­utes. This does depend on a few fac­tors, how­ev­er, like weight, strength and pro­file of the prod­uct, and your per­son­al body chem­istry. Smok­ing, whether from a bowl or joint, is the quick­est way to expe­ri­ence the effects of cannabis.

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How long does the expe­ri­ence last when smoking?

The effects of cannabis smok­ing peak at 10 min­utes. This high can last between 1 – 3 hours. Some­times, the euphor­ic feel­ing can last up to 10 hours. Again, like the time it takes to get high, com­ing back down also depends on body fac­tors and cannabis strength. 

More infor­ma­tion for those new to cannabis flower

Flow­ers aren’t only used for smok­ing. They can also be used in but­ters for mak­ing THC edi­bles. Some may even pre­fer using the bud in this way. Also, if you are won­der­ing what pro­duces the psy­cho­log­i­cal effects of cannabis flow­ers, that would be the THC com­po­nent. Tetrahy­dro­cannabi­nol (THC) is pro­duced by the cannabis plant and stim­u­lates cells in the brain to release dopamine. Which is why so many peo­ple enjoy cannabis!

Let’s try the cannabis flower

If you’ve smoked before, and you want to try it again, then why not! If you are a begin­ner, we encour­age you to try smok­ing cannabis flower, which can be found in LucidaClub’s care­ful­ly-curat­ed expe­ri­ence box­es.

With our con­sul­ta­tive approach we will help you dis­cov­er if smok­ing is right for you and how to best inte­grate it into your lifestyle, the Luci­da­Club way!

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