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Introduction to Vape pens

By LucidaClub

Vape pens are smooth and luxurious accessories used to enjoy cannabis, especially with friends. Unlike inhaling with in other ways, the pen provides an experience void of intense coughing and a scratchy throat. Here’s what you need to know about the vape pen.

What is a Vape Pen? 

A Vape Pen is a slim discrete accessory, a battery meant to provide power to heat a cannabis oil filled cartridge. When pulling from the mouthpiece, the cannabis oil is turned into atomized vapor that’s inhaled to produce that special feeling. The word pen” is used because some of these vape accessories strikingly resemble a writing pen. 

The cannabis oil is the active ingredient in the cartridges found in the vape pen. This oil is safe, as you can consider it much the same as any other plant oil. It’s not much different than plant oils such as lavender or peppermint used in making essential oils. The oil is a concentration of all the good aspects of the cannabis plant, the stronger compounds which cause the euphoric feelings to arise. 

What is a Cannabis Cartridge?

A cannabis vape pen cartridge is a disposable cylindrical tank of cannabis oil. The top is fitted with a mouthpiece, and the device has a screw bottom that is meant to attach to a battery. The screw on the bottom is a universal size 510 thread, 10 threads that measure 5mm, made to fit any cartridge. Even though the 510 threaded cartridge is considered universal, there are a few exceptions. But this size should work with most Vape Pens that are available for inhaling cannabis. 

Despite the universal aspects of the vape pen, some types require a specific battery that’s only compatible with certain devices. The cartridges usually come labelled with the specific battery type and look different than other vape pens.

What are the benefits of Vaping Cannabis Oil in a Cartridge?

One of the most convenient aspects vaping cannabis oil is the convenience of the vape pen. This device I portable and clean. It doesn’t leave odors on surfaces and its sleek design can be hidden away in purses, pockets, or other containers. This device doesn’t leave messy residue or lasting smells like other options for inhaling cannabis.

The discrete size and lack of strong smell makes this device a popular mode of enjoying cannabis. The vapor produces a pleasant odor that dissipates quickly and leaves no trace of cannabis smell. It’s a quick way to capture a stress relieving break.

Cartridges come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Some may taste just like pine, others citrus, and some may taste exactly like cannabis flower. Most likely, you can find a favorite scent to enjoy alone or with friends. The flavor options can feel endless and allow for a truly customized experience

Temperature control isn’t a problem with most batteries. In the rare instance that the vapor causes you to cough or begins to feel harsh, you can reduce the heat. This provides a smoother, more flavorful draw. 

An advantage to the vape pen is that you can turn it off and on whenever you like. It doesn’t have to be relit and it doesn’t lose flavor. In fact, the cartridge can be used repeatedly without affecting the quality of your experience.

If you want to change flavors, you can simply unscrew the cartridge from the battery and replace it with a new one. You can do this as often as you would like to ensure you keep that euphoric felling that fits your mood and taste buds. Take a small or large draw, whatever makes you comfortable. Since the effects are shorter and less powerful than with the inhaled flower, it’s a bit safer. But be careful, as the vape pen can still be quite potent.

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How to use the Vape pen

First, remove the Cartridge from the packaging. Many times, there is a rubber stopper on the bottom that can be easily removed and saved with the packaging. Remove this rubber stopper before trying to use the vape pen. 

Ensure that your pen is fully charged before use. Most batteries will work right out of the box but with all small rechargeable batteries, charging first is the best practice. This also preserves the life of the battery. We recommend buying a variable voltage battery. This type of battery allows you to change the temperature of the vapor you inhale when needed.

Vape Pens are charged with a small USB cable provided with the pen. Sometimes they come with a USB stick that you can attach to the pen and then plug into any available USB port. Computer USB ports are good options, and they generally work the best. Every battery is different, so it’s important that you read the instructions before charging and use.

With the mouthpiece facing upwards, slowly screw the cartridge onto the top of the battery and secure into place, making sure you have a snug connection. However, you must avoid over tightening the battery as this can reduce the airflow needed to produce vapor. 

Almost every battery has 1 button that controls the pen. With most pens there are 5 clicks to cycle between the on and off settings — 5 rapid button presses turn the unit off entirely and another 5 rapid clicks will turn the pen on. When the pen is on” and a cartridge is attached a single button press held down will activate the cartridge. You can then inhale and enjoy!

Generally, 3 rapid presses will cycle through the temperature settings. This is indicated by a colored ring around the button, or a light located elsewhere on the pen. Settings are not as universal and are covered in the user’s manual that comes with your pen. 

With everything in place, you can now enjoy your cannabis vaping experience. Simply press and hold the button in on the battery and gently inhale from the mouthpiece.

Low temperatures are best for flavor and smoothness of draw. Higher temperatures produce a less flavorful but higher volume vapor that is stronger and may feel harsh on your throat when inhaled. Please refer to your user’s manual for reaching your desired temperature setting. 

If you feel that you did not get enough vapor in your draw, try pre-heating the cartridge first. This will allow the oil to vaporize quicker and there’s less warm up” time before you inhale. You can do this by pressing the button on the vape pen for 5 – 8 seconds without inhaling or utilizing the pen’s built in pre heat function. Most of the time two button clicks start the pre heat and the battery will light up with various colors until the pre heat is over. Again, each battery is different, and with each step of instructions, keep this in mind.


My pen didn’t come with any instructions!? What do I do now?

You can try the universal settings to engage the pen. Use 5 rapid button presses to turn it on and 5 again to turn it off. Use 3 rapid button presses to cycle through your temperature settings to find the right temperature that makes you feel comfortable. Most of the time green or blue is the lowest and red and white indicate the higher temperature settings. Pre-heat the cartridge. This can be done by pressing the button rapidly two times.

I can’t inhale through the cartridge, it feels stuck or clogged, what do I do?

First, ensure that the cartridge is screwed on correctly – make sure it’s not too tight, as this can block airflow. Attempt to pre-heat the cartridge again before inhaling. You can also try a higher heat setting on the vape pen as well. Next, ensure that the battery you’re using is set to the on’ position and fully charged.

Look at the fluid oil in the tank. If the oil is all the way up near the mouthpiece and none at the bottom it will not fire. The cartridge takes in oil from the bottom of the tank so the oil must remain at the bottom. Simply keep your cartridge upright, and over time (possibly a few hours) the oil will return to the bottom where it can be turned into delicious vapor.

Ensure the cartridge is installed correctly and not mis threaded. Screwing on the cartridge to the battery should feel effortless but can easily be connected wrong. The connection between the vape pen and cartridge may be dirty. Remove the cartridge from the battery. Soak a cotton swab in Isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the top of the vape pen where the cartridge is attached. You may be surprised by the amount of oil the cotton swab absorbs that wasn’t noticeable to the naked eye. I recommend cleaning your vape pen monthly or weekly if you use it often. 

FAQs and things to Know

I tried everything and can’t get the device or the cartridge to work”

  • Always save your receipt. A small fraction of vaporizer pens and cartridges can be faulty. This is one of the only items a dispensary will exchange. You MUST have the receipt and many times there is a time window between the purchase and return. ALWAYS try your cartridges to ensure they work and identify a defect before it can be too late to get it exchanged. This pertains to a very small number of cartridges, as most folks never run into this problem.

  • Take very short inhales until you are familiar with using a vapor cartridge. Unlike other cannabis inhalation options that can be felt in the throat and lungs almost immediately, vapor from a cartridge is different. It is felt and tasted most on the EXHALE and not the INHALE. You can always take another small puff, but a long hot draw can cause coughing and throat irritation. This is not recommended.

  • The effects creep up and it’s easy to take a few puffs and not feel much however ten minutes later you are far more sedated than you thought. Take a puff and wait five minutes to see how you feel. Cartridge vapor is subtle yet potent

  • Avoid taking rapid draws as this can over work the cartridge and burn the oil resulting in a nasty taste. This move can also compromise the cartridge. If you want to take more draws, simply give it 20 – 30 seconds between each. If the cartridge itself is hot to the touch, wait until it cools down to draw from it again

  • Other modes of inhaling cannabis can be like consuming a beer, fast and intense sometimes. Think of a vapor cartridge like a glass of wine or whiskey meant to be sipped and appreciated slowly.

  • Take slow inhales! If you inhale too quickly the oil can come up into the mouthpiece causing clogging. Inhaling too powerfully can also create too much airflow reducing vapor. 

  • Inhale the same way you breathe air. There is no need to hold your inhale longer than a second or two. Inhaling too much vapor simply wastes it. Inhaling for too long can cause irritation to the throat and lungs. 

Small inhales will get you the most out of your cartridge and you will be pleasantly surprised how long one cartridge can last. Disposable All-In-One Vapes operate the same way. However, once the cannabis oil has been consumed the entire unit is thrown out whereas with a standard vape pen, only the cartridge is disposable. Some disposable vapes can’t be charged and are best used within 30 days of purchase of the battery. More and more disposable vaporizers are being made that can be charged to remedy this.

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