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Lucinda’s Experience with Cannabis

By LucidaClub

The cannabis plant is full of hundreds of compounds known as cannabinoids. The two most popular being THC and CBD. And while THC is primarily responsible for the high” feeling users experience, cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are growing in preference and popularity. 

Because these compounds don’t intoxicate, they’re often a great choice for first time cannabis users, as our Co-founder, Lucinda has personally experienced. 

Having only tried cannabis once before, Lucinda was nervous to use cannabis products again. Thoughts of being judged by friends and family, as well as her apprehension to try medications” or products due to body sensitivities. But after learning more about cannabis through building LucidaClub, Lucinda decided it was time to book a consultation with Bob, the head curator LucidcaClub. 

I didn’t go into my consultation knowing what questions I wanted answered or with much initial knowledge. But Bob made it easy. Instead he asked me questions, pulling out my concerns and alleviating any fears I had of trying new products.”

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Living in England meant Lucinda was limited to what was available to her, so Bob suggested CBD and CBG tinctures. Tinctures were a great suggestion for Lucinda, as she was looking to ease anxiety, get more restful sleep, and wanted something easy to use where she had some control over the dosage. 

I was very much afraid of feeling sick or becoming a dribbling mess if I consumed too much. Bob assured me that a drop under my tongue to start would help me reap the benefits without feeling out of control.”

Bob recommended Lucinda a trustworthy brand so she was sure she was getting a quality product. She began using a CBG tincture during the day to manage stress and CBD at night to help her sleep. 

Now my friends know of my cannabis use and will ask me questions while we’re playing a round of golf or something. I have lots of friends interested in trying cannabis to manage ADD, anxiety, and overall wellness.” 

This is what LucidaClub is all about; helping others feel comfortable to experiment and explore ways to seamlessly integrate cannabis into their lives safely and confidently.

Learn more about cannabis and what the plant has to offer. 

Book a consult with Bob, our Head Curator and start your journey with cannabis.

What is a LucidaClub Cannabis Consultation?