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Moms and Cannabis, ending the stigma

By LucidaClub

A popular saying, Mom needs a drink” could be making a transformation, or at least joining a new statement. What about, Mom needs a joint”?

As cannabis becomes legal across the nation, stigma about this herb is decreasing. It’s no longer surprising to see a mom with an edible or your girlfriends enjoying a nice smooth vape. Cannabis use is legal recreationally in eleven states already, and legal medicinally in double that number. 

So, just as it’s become normal to have that lady’s night out enjoying a glass of wine while watching a movie, now more moms are enjoying cannabis while doing the same thing. And most people think it should be just as normal.

Cannabis: replacement or addition to wine drinking

In some circles, cannabis use among moms seems just as common as any other activity. But in others, the classic wine circles, for instance, there’s still a stigma about cannabis use. Some ladies who enjoy a glass of wine with friends do not wish to include cannabis in their recreational time. Others, however, don’t mind at all. And there are different feelings and group dynamics in this area too.

First, one group of moms may strictly enjoy cannabis together, and in secret, while other groups enjoy both wine and cannabis, and still, there are the classic groups that only want to include wine drinkers. Although, you cannot say it’s unfair how these ladies want to group, there’s still an awkwardness, a stigma you might say, in this lack of inclusion.

The truth is, moms who enjoy a bit of cannabis will increase, it’s just inevitable, but they probably won’t necessarily replace wine drinkers. It’s more likely that these groups will eventually integrate. And there are still the more introverted moms who prefer to enjoy either or both, but prefer time alone, before engaging with their families.

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Moms and cannabis: understanding the revelation

The most notable aspect of the increase of mothers being able to enjoy cannabis revolves around their personal feelings about the experience as opposed to their parenting skills. As parenting can indeed be stressful. As time goes by, a greater number of mothers are turning to micro-dosing cannabis to help them cope with this stress, as micro-dosing isn’t as overwhelming to some mothers. Many women claimed that cannabis brought out the best when it came to parenting. Others noticed the drastic reduction in stress. Some took note of both these results.

Side effects: Wine vs cannabis

Most of us are familiar with the side effects of wine drinking. Hangovers can be minor or severe depending on individual tolerance. With cannabis, there is a coming down” phase, but it’s not as severe as even the most minor hangover. 

Cannabis, however, does produce what’s called the munchies” and in rare cases, paranoia. But overall, there are fewer side effects when enjoying a bit of cannabis than a few glasses of wine. The largest concern with cannabis would be overdoing edibles, and therefore micro-dosing is becoming more popular as stigma is decreasing.

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The stereotypes that come with cannabis

For years, those who enjoy cannabis were stigmatized as being lazy and having a lack of responsibility. This is a common and old stereotype. But, on the contrary, some strains of cannabis produce more energy, providing fuel to get more work done in a shorter period. Whether or not a cannabis product makes you sleepy or makes you want to rearrange your living room depends on several factors, including how you absorb cannabis and how much you’ve consumed, along with a few other factors. 

Are wine moms out and weed moms in?

I wouldn’t go as far as to completely replace one mode of relaxation with another. I truly believe that both wine and cannabis will provide benefits for various people and in different situations. 

At LucidaClub, we support moms and cannabis. We provide a welcoming environment to find numerous cannabis products that help relax, soothe, or energize moms. Parenting is rewarding, and moms deserve to enjoy every minute of this stage of their lives. 

Cannabis vs wine? Nah, I think moms just have more options to enjoy. Let’s stay open-minded.