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My first visit to a dispensary

By Lucinda Cross

Being a co-founder of a cannabis education and e‑commerce platform was not what I saw in my future. And yet, here I am! It’s been an adventure full of new experiences. And despite being able to build the LucidaClub community from afar (I live in England), it was about time I made it across the pond to check out all that was going on with Massachusetts’ cannabis industry and LucidaClub in person. 

From no way” to everyday

Over the years my feelings about cannabis have gone from I’m never trying that again!” to Gosh this stuff is really helpful for me to get some sleep!” It wasn’t that I was totally opposed to cannabis (that one time in college isn’t exactly the best indicator of the plant’s potential). It was more that I didn’t know where to start, where to get my questions answered, and the stereotypes surrounding the plant made me a bit apprehensive. 

I guess you could say I was our ideal customer even before LucidaClub was born. Being involved in many business operations, I struggle to get the quality R&R to feel truly recharged. I was looking for something natural that would help me relax and catch some z’s. I was using a sleep spray at night, and drinking that night-time tea, but what if there was something better? I had read about all the benefits to one’s well being cannabis offered, but it still made me uneasy to dive right in. 

CBD is legal in the UK, but I was still a bit intimidated to try it. But, fast forward to now, and I’ve since had numerous consultations with our in-house head curator, Bob, who has been able to recommend products available to me that are exactly what I’m looking for. You can read more about my personal cannabis use here.

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The dispensary experience

On my recent trip to Boston our other founder, Jack, suggested we explore a handful of dispensaries to see what each were offering, how they educate and guide customers, and their overall presentation. Despite using CBD for a while now, I was a bit nervous to walk into a weed store”; what do I say? What am I looking to try?

Our first stop was not much of a sight for sore eyes. In fact, the presentation of the store was downright cold and unwelcoming. The frosted glass for starters made you feel as though you shouldn’t be seen buying any of the products sold there. Which is odd since cannabis is now legal, and well, the signage clearly states the building is a dispensary. The attempt at an Apple Store presentation of products created an almost sterile, lab like atmosphere that did little to inspire a purchase. The staff were friendly enough, but instead of digging for more information from me as to any personal preference or desire I had, I was pushed products I hadn’t been convinced were actually right for me.

I had a similar experience at the next dispensary we visited. It made me understand more deeply why many are reluctant to walk into most dispensaries. Furthermore, there’s an entire group of people interested in trying cannabis who may never actually go through with satisfying that curiosity and discovering products that could significantly improve their well being due to the unwelcoming appearance of the dispensary in the first place.

Why we love Cape Cod Cannabis

When I finally had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Cape Cod Cannabis in person it affirmed my belief that this dispensary was exactly the right partner for LucidaClub. The staff were so considerate of all my concerns and took the time to really explain the products, the differences between them and how they react the way they do when consumed. In fact, I happened to be there while others were shopping and I asked a couple about how they liked doing business there. Low and behold this couple drives hours out of their way to shop at Cape Cod Cannabis and won’t buy anywhere else”. 

I left Boston more confident that what LucidaClub offers people is a necessity, and that our careful consideration for partnerships, though time consuming, is absolutely what is best for our Cannacurious community. I hope we can help make a positive impact on the industry and I’m looking forward to all that is ahead for LucidaClub in the future.