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Storz and Bickel: The Volcano Vaporizer

By LucidaClub

If cannabis is a passion of yours, but you just can’t seem to find a comfortable way to enjoy this herb, then today may be your lucky day. The Volcano Vaporizer could be the answer to your prayers.

Long before the legalization of inhaling cannabis, one man was already searching for a way to make utilizing marijuana much easier, and safer as well. But he was a world away from the reality of his desire. Marcus Storz wanted to create a type of product that vaporized flowers mimicking the effects of fire.

It was to be a design that allowed cannabinoids to enter the blood without carbon dioxide which contains carcinogens. A product such as this would mean everything to the cannabis industry. Building a safe alternative to inhaling smoke meant the beginning of a recreational and medicinal revolution. And Storz knew he was on to something – he was just too close to the answer.

The first Design

In 1996 Germany, Storz sat in his basement working on a model he’d developed in his head while tinkering around with a hot air gun. While the effects were strong and worthwhile, the contraption still emitted carbon monoxide, just like a cannabis cigarette. Storz was disappointed, but not anywhere near giving up. But with countless experiments, a partner, many investments, and years later, a successful product was born.

The Volcano Vaporizer

Marcus Storz, a German entrepreneur, along with his partner Jurgen Bickel created a cannabis vaporizer called the Volcano. Many failed prototypes paved the way for this journey. In 1997, the first successful prototype was developed. So, what was so special about this little machine, you might call it?

The vaporizer, even in its infancy, was a stable creation. The cone shape of the device was genius. Storz wasn’t only thinking of the public with his design shape but was also considering those with disabilities such as MS. If the individual couldn’t hold a steady hand, at least the device could help with that. Already, the Volcano was fitting the characteristics of a medical cannabis device.

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Initial issues with the device

The first devices were still emitting carbon due to brushes inside the device. After the carbon brushes were replaced with a heating element, the Volcano was a much smaller device. Over the years, several improvements were made. And by the year 2000, the basic device was complete.

Distribution and success

There were still issues of certification, legalization, and patents to develop, which eventually sorted out over time. Storz and Bickel didn’t give up until the Volcano Vaporizer was being distributed to other countries around the world, constantly expanding operations. With the product becoming a certified medical device in Germany, this pushed legalization.

Over the years, other devices were created. But nothing compares to the compact size and design of the Volcano Vaporizer. It’s designed to be simple for both recreational and medicinal use. However, considering the Volcano itself is a tabletop device, it’s not easily portable. So, the balloon system solves that issue.

The balloon system

The balloon system is one of the most interesting and unique aspects of the Volcano. The way the device works is by placing a disposable balloon (bag) over the top of the Volcano using a mouthpiece and enjoying individual usage. As each person can have their own balloon, this prevents the spreading of germs, while providing cool tasty vapor.

It is very efficient; you can inhale many times from one balloon and produce many balloons from one serving of flower. These savings help offset the initial investment of almost $400. Not to mention how wonderful it feels to be able to use the balloon anywhere and everywhere. It can be used while laying in the bed or taking a bath, considering there are no electronic components in the balloon itself.

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The Volcano Vaporizer is a success for all

This device is a great solution for non-smokers who still crave the enjoyment of cannabis. It is safe, effective, and comes in The Volcano Classic and the recently released Volcano Gold. Storz and Bickel are constantly expanding to other countries and extending space for more production of the Volcano Vaporizer and even more innovative devices.

The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research also found nothing dangerous about the device and approved its use. Unlike inhaling cannabis in other ways, using the Volcano did not produce any carbon monoxide. The Volcano Vaporizer is now the only form of cannabis used in medical trials.

So, what are you waiting for?

The revolutionary device, known as the Volcano Vaporizer, is worth the investment and well worth the learning curve it takes to enjoy this product. For a reasonable charge, you can book a consultation today with LucidaClub. Feel free to ask any questions. We are here to help you enjoy your cannabis experience.