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Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis

By LucidaClub

Cannabis is wonderful, we know that by now. It has so many benefits for your mental and physical health. However, what should we tell the kids about marijuana?

Well, obviously, our kids need to understand as much as possible about cannabis. We tell them about alcohol use, and we even alert them to the Scoville rating scale before letting them try hot sauces. 

Obviously, some of these sauces are too intense for children and they can cause negative side effects. Sauces, drinks, and yes, cannabis, can be too intense for teens as well. So, what exactly do we tell them when they ask about cannabis?

We tell them the truth

When it comes to cannabis, you must always be upfront and honest with your child. One of the first things you can talk about is your own experience with the herb. Talk to your kid about how cannabis made you feel, the positives and the negatives as well. For instance, tell them if you felt any paranoia, hunger, or sleepiness. Then allow them to ask questions. Remember, answer honestly, but tactfully. 

Like hot sauces, cannabis can also cause burning sensations in your throat and nose. And of course, sometimes this doesn’t happen. Like the different sauces, there are different strains, and like your choice of how much sauce you ingest, the same applies to your cannabis dosage. This is one of the most important things to tell your kids when explaining the effects of marijuana. All substances should be used in moderation if you wish to use a rule of thumb suggestion.

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Listen to your child with an open mind

Then, attempt to create an atmosphere where your teen or child will feel open enough to share their own experiences. Even though it is technically illegal for kids or anyone under the age of 18, to indulge in cannabis products, they do anyway at times. 

If your child has used marijuana, listen to them in a non-judgmental manner, trying to understand how the substance made them feel. And make sure they know that you will not punish them for their transparency.

The Pros and Cons

Make sure that you explain all the pros and cons of cannabis. This includes helping them understand why it’s okay for some people (those of legal age and in a legal state) to use cannabis, and why it’s not okay for others (underage or in illegal states). 

Also, keep in mind that marijuana as a whole is still illegal everywhere on the federal level. If you understand this, explain this to your child. If not, there are many resources that can help you to help them with understanding all the legal aspects.

Dangers associated with cannabis

One thing that must be understood between you and your kids is that cannabis is not a gateway drug. However, some adult drug users have graduated from marijuana use to narcotics. Express to your minor, the importance of respecting cannabis, but not considering this herb the same as with hard drugs and narcotic substances.

These are not the same. Even though like alcohol, cannabis can have mind-altering effects, it’s not usually addictive or doesn’t endanger your life. However, cannabis can produce slight withdrawals, and this is often overlooked. These symptoms of withdrawal may include headaches, irritability and sleepiness. Even so, delicately explain the safety and appreciation of cannabis in a balanced manner. 

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Important legal aspects

Despite all its beneficial qualities, cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drug, and your kid needs to know this. This means that in all but 8 states, marijuana is still illegal recreationally. You can only enjoy cannabis legally in Colorado, Washington State, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, and Maine. It’s also legal in the District of Columbia. And you must be 21 years of age to buy or use cannabis, even in these states.

Explaining these legal points and the consequences behind breaking cannabis laws is a top priority. This important aspect of discussion pertaining to marijuana use just may keep your child out of jail and free from paying exorbitant fines.

Now what?

Talking to your child about cannabis can have one of three effects. They may choose to never smoke, they may wait until they are able to purchase legally, or they will smoke illegally in secret. Regardless of the outcome, you must still have this discussion so they will be aware that their actions equal different reactions. They inevitably will be making the decision on their own, as you cannot watch them every moment of the day. 

Also, it’s best to not smoke or use cannabis in front of your kids, or at least limit this as much as possible. If you do use cannabis in front of your children, stress the fact that adults have certain things they can enjoy that children can experience later as adults. 

Now that they know, you can take a break

A good age to talk to your child about cannabis is around 10 and up. You can talk to them a couple of years earlier or later depending on their maturity levels. As long as you share and make them aware of all the positive and negative aspects of cannabis, you’re on the right track. After all, everything has its good and bad points. 

At LucidaClub, we care about you and your family. We want you to have the best experience with cannabis and reap all the benefits you deserve. So, why not try a quality cannabis product today and learn even more about this outstanding herb.