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The Cannabis grinder

By LucidaClub

If you enjoy cannabis, then you may need a cannabis grinder. Gone are the days when breaking buds apart, discarding seeds and stems. It was a laborious process. But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, hence the grinder.

What is a cannabis grinder?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the cannabis grinder, think of coffee. The cannabis grinder works much like the process of grinding coffee beans for a nice drink. Just as water needs a uniformed collection of grounds to make a consistent brew, your lungs also need a consistent cannabis grind for comfortable inhalation. There are several types of grinders and each one has a universal purpose, to make it easier to prep your bud for use.

Variations of grinders

There are multiple forms of cannabis grinders. Each takes the hassle out of preparing cannabis for enjoyment. Whether you’re using cannabis with a pipe or paper, having a uniformed cut just makes everything easier. And it’s best when it can be completed quickly and efficiently. Here are a few types of grinders.

  • One of the simplest forms of cannabis grinders resembles a business card with a metal part that looks an awful lot like a cheese grater. This grinder can be used quickly and with a bit of manpower. You simply rub the bud against the metal portion just as you would a small block of cheese. It’s easy to use and also easy to clean. All you need is isopropyl alcohol and water to rinse away the resin.

  • Another type of grinder would be the two-piece version, or single chamber. This product breaks the cannabis into a coarse grind using teeth’ or prongs. It is a small device formed like a cylinder. To use this device, you place the cannabis between the top and bottom pieces of the grinder. Then rotate the pieces, pressing down a bit, to complete the grind. This takes around 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

  • There’s also a three-piece version which works in a similar fashion. However, with the three-piece grinder, the bottom has a chamber to hold the ground herb as it’s broken and separated by the teeth. This keeps it clear from the teeth and also allows for easy storage inside the grinder.

  • Then you have the four-piece grinder which is also a great option. Not only does the four-piece grinder have a storage area, but it also has an additional bottom chamber that catches the kief’ or small crystal particles of the flower. Kief is mostly THC crystals, or Trichomes, that add potency when inhaling cannabis. After grinding the cannabis, simply open the bottom chamber and sprinkle some of the kief’ onto the ground bud for a more interesting and powerful experience.

Note: It takes a while to save up enough kief’ to use with the bud. While some strains produce quite a bit of kief, others have almost none. So, if you cannot see any crystals, it may not mean you’re grinding the cannabis wrong, it could be the result of the strain you’re using.

Cannabis ground with grinder

Advanced grinders

There are reasons why someone may prefer an advanced type of grinder. Not everyone has the endurance or strength to use manual cannabis grinders. And there are options for these as well. Grinders of this nature come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these can be used by simply loading cannabis into the top, pressing a button to grind, and then dispensing directly into the accessory you wish to use. For those who suffer from arthritis or weakness in the wrists, an advanced grinder can be useful. This avoids manual grinding of sticky types of cannabis or packing large loads at once.

Alternatives to grinders

There are also a few grinder alternatives if this is more your style. One way to grind cannabis is to place the flower in a shot glass and use scissors to cut the buds. There is no need to hold the buds as you cut, as they will break up in the glass. Although, it may be smart to tilt the glass toward the scissors to reduce flying particles of cannabis.

Keeping it simple 

Grinders take a great deal of stress off the hands, but some still prefer processing the buds by hand, which is also fine. This does keep the kief’ intact rather than separating it from the flower. Each time you use hand-processed cannabis, you will also enjoy the extra potency. 

If you do use a grinder, remember to keep it clean. Over time, the grinder can become sticky with resin and other plant material, and if not wiped away, this can make future grinding difficult. Most grinders can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and water, maintained and ready for use.

To grind or not to grind

The choice is yours. You can break down the buds of cannabis by hand or you can quickly grind the flower, separating aspects and enjoying the experience your own way. However you choose, Lucida Club wishes you enjoy cannabis to the fullest. Try different strains, products, and accessories to discover your favorites today.

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