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The LucidaClub guide to the most common cannabinoids

By LucidaClub

Cannabis is made up of many compounds. From chlorophyll and waxes most plants contain too beneficial oils, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and more. What does this mean for us? The plant has diverse benefits ranging from anxiety relief, anti-nausea, and bringing down inflammation.

Below you will find the most common compounds found in cannabis that can benefit our wellness.

CBD – It’s everywhere these days from gas stations to shoe stores, everyone is putting out some kind of CDB product. Many of these products are novelty and some poorly made with less than desirable ingredients. The good news is that when you purchase CBD from a licensed dispensary you are getting a pure, tested, and accurately dosed product.

Many users report the following:

- Doesn’t intoxicate the user

- May reduce inflammation when used topically which in turn can help with pain from ailments like arthritis

- May reduce inflammation when ingested either by smoking or eating

- Many report relief from anxiety and stress

- Can reduce the intoxicating effects of THC.

Here’s a really helpful short blog — written by our partners Element Apothec — 

CBN – This powerful cannabinoid has just begun to be researched however it has some excellent benefits for wellness. Created when cannabis ages and the THC turns into CBN, this cannabinoid makes us sleepy and promotes a sedating effect. This is often why when you put out a joint or a bowl of cannabis flower and burn it again later you feel more sedated. During the burning process THC is converted into CBN.

Many users report the following:

-Sedation, many report it helps with sleep

-In rodent studies CBN has shown to be a neuroprotectant

-Some medical patients report that it helps with glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure

CBCThis lesser-known cannabis compound has researchers excited about its medical benefits. CBC is similar to CBD in that alone it will not intoxicate you; however, reports show that the benefits of CBC are greater when combined with THC and CBD

Many users report the following 

-Relief from stomach/G.I. issues

-Said to help brain cells develop

-CBC is Antimicrobial

- Relief from migraines

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THC THC is the reason cannabis get’s us elevated and can enhance our experiences. There are many different elevated feelings one can enjoy and THC is the reason. Without getting into a lot of science, an analogy I personally love paints a pretty clear picture of what is going on with THC and all the other three letter acronyms that play a part in our experience. Think of THC as the fuel and all the other compounds and flavors make up what kind of car you’re driving. The THC is important because without it your experience or car” won’t really go anywhere. The car represents what kind of experience you get. Zippy and fast like a Ferrari, or slower and sedating like a slow ride in a classic car.

Many users report the following:

- Activates the pleasure and reward parts of our brain

- Is an even stronger anti-inflammatory than CBD when used topically. Topicals containing both are a real treat for the skin and joints

- Responsible for the elevated feeling we get when ingesting cannabis

- Depression and anxiety relief are often reported.

Entourage Effect

One of the most interesting facts about cannabis is that all of these complicated molecules have benefits on their own however far greater benefits when they are taken together. Each cannabinoid compliments each other and together creates the kind of experiences and benefits we are seeking. For instance, THC alone when rubbed on the skin is great for inflammation, the same with CBD. When a topical with both CBD and THC is applied both the THC and CBD work together creating a stronger and more beneficial anti-inflammatory. 

We see the same when we look to elevate ourselves with cannabis. If you take a draw from a vape pen that consists of THC alone you will feel a little euphoria and elevation. When you draw from a vape pen consisting of THC and a wide array of the other cannabis compounds you will find more specific and well-rounded and specific experiences of elevation. For instance a vape heavy in THC as well as CBN will make you much more sedated than say a vape with just THC. Interesting as well is that the CBN by itself won’t make you as sedated unless accompanied by the THC. They all work together to help our wellness and create desirable effects in the products we find on dispensary shelves.