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The Puffco Proxy

By LucidaClub

Are you curious about concentrates? Hey, maybe you’re already familiar with this strong and smooth mode of consuming cannabis. Either way, the Puffco Proxy may be an interesting option for you. 

There are several ways to enjoy concentrates, and these methods are becoming more popular every day. But the best way to partake of cannabis, at least according to die-hard cannabis lovers, is with the use of vaporizing products. The Puffco Proxy is one of those modern options.

What is the Puffco Proxy?

The Puffco Proxy is a vaporizer that is modular and portable, using a dry vape technique. Its objective is to make consuming cannabis a fully customizable experience. While most of the modular dab devices are designed to fit with pre-existing bongs, the Proxy is unique. It’s created in a modular design that requires glass that’s designed to fit its specifics.

The device is like a 3D chamber atomizer, but it’s an improved rubber-clad portable version. The directional chamber maximizes the vapor production you receive in each pull, delivering a fast and strong euphoric sensation. This is possibly due to even heating on all sides of the chamber. Simple improvements make the Puffco Proxy an easy-to-use, smooth, and attractive way to enjoy a mind-blowing experience.

The Proxy Puffco

The design

Speaking of attractive, as a nod to the classic stoner style from the past, the Puffco Proxy is designed with classy Sherlock glass that is discreet and small. If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, think, Gandalf’s pipe”, and you’ll understand the scale and design of this vaporizer.

Customization can make this product even more fun. Glass artists create elaborate Glass versions of the pipe that are more decorative and inventive to suit all tastes. The base design makes custom building much easier.

What comes with the Puffco Proxy?

There are two main parts of this device, simply speaking. The Puffco Proxy is basically a base and a glass body. The glass is a large mouthpiece, with the classic version designed with a black bottom and clear tip. It’s one compact device with a drop-in chamber that can be shared with others. What does this mean? Well, here’s the thing. The Puffco Proxy provides a sanitary way to share concentrates between multiple pipes. 

And here are a few other great aspects: the product, currently priced at under $300, comes with accessories. So, that means you can start enjoying cannabis concentrates immediately. A sleek carrying case, chamber, charge cord, and glass receptacle pipe are included with each Puffco Proxy. There are new and exciting accessories due to also arrive alongside the original set. 

So, how does the Puffco Proxy work?

The Puffco Proxy has a simple interface with push-button programmed settings – low (blue), medium (green), high (red), and peak (white). Each setting controls the amount of concentrate inhaled in each draw. Here are the simple operation steps:

  • First, fully charge your device for uninterrupted usage.

  • There is the main button that locks and unlocks your device. Hold this button for 3 seconds to change the lock setting. Unlock to use.

  • A single click allows you to move through the heat settings, choosing your desired intensity.

  • Remove the carb cap to load. A simple tool, that comes with the device, helps you load concentrate into the 3D chamber.

  • Replace the cap to secure the device.

  • Push the main button again to start heating the coil. A pulsing light appears while the device is heating.

  • When the Puffco Proxy is ready to use, the device will vibrate, and lights will flash.

  • Start slow, and gently inhale the concentrate.

  • After use, clean the chamber with the dry dual tool.

Outstanding quality of vapor

Considering the mouthpiece is large, this allows the vapor to cool before you inhale. The heat rises and evaporates eliminating hot air from hitting your face. And no, this is not some new idea. Pipes have been utilizing this process for a while, it’s just that Puffco made huge improvements with the idea.

Puffco is led by Roger Volodarsky, also known as Jolly Roger”. Through development and research, the company may have just developed the smoker’s best friend. The best part is that it’s safer than smoking and some other vapor products!

Volodarsky told High Times,

This is the most fleshed-out Puffco product we’ve ever released. And we really feel like we got it to a place where it’s hard to imagine it getting any better.” 

Considering dabs are notorious for burning your throat, removing the water filtration seemed like a bad idea. But quite the contrary, as beta testers proved that the device could be the answer to this slightly irritating issue with concentrates. And this makes dabbing a go-to cannabis choice, right next to enjoying delicious edibles.

Learn more about this innovative product

At LucidaClub, we provide the most up-to-date information on new cannabis products and devices. The Puffco Pro, developed just a couple of years ago, has been tried and perfected to offer the best. Stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, try a new cannabis product today. 

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