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What we Know About Inspire with Montel

By LucidaClub

A New Line of Cannabis Products

For over 17 years, Montel Williams has enjoyed cannabis. He doesn’t smoke and hasn’t done so in a very long time. Now, he has his own line of cannabis products available at dispensaries.

Montel Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during his television career, and after retiring from the Navy. MS is a debilitating illness, as it attacks the natural insulation that protects the nerves. And, as you can imagine, this causes a huge amount of pain as the nerves are practically exposed to other elements inside the body.

Williams has endured immense pain from this illness and burning sensations over his entire body. And every single morning, Williams downs a handful of pills just to manage the discomfort. Now, he is supplementing his medication with cannabis.

Cannabis DOES help MS patients

In a summary from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, cannabis was spoken of highly as an option for improving symptoms. Maybe this is one reason why Montel Williams has been enjoying the herb since 1999

And Montel Williams, a former television talk show host, advocates for cannabis use. He uses his celebrity status and various resources to spread positive information about cannabis, hoping to improve how society views the helpful plant. And yes, his focus is to raise awareness about MS, but it’s also to help promote the individual civil right to medicate with cannabis.

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Hardships and Restorative Justice

Montel squashes the rumors that he was arrested for using cannabis at the German airport. While Germany was still between legal changes, Williams was only detained and let go. The judge, when deciding the case outcome, threw out the allegations entirely. Had he not been a celebrity, the situation may have gone another way. And this must change.

Montel Williams is also an advocate for the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Relief Campaign. This fund raises awareness for people incarcerated for cannabis-related charges. He also advocates for The Last Prisoner Project, The Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party, and the Redemption Foundation.

With The Last Prisoner Project, Williams strives to help free a man named Michael Thompson, who was given 20 years for selling cannabis to an officer. Although rules are changing, this man and others are still serving time for basically the same thing that many of us are doing legally now. It’s just an unfair situation.

Williams speaks of his favorite cannabis products

Although so much change needs to happen, in the meantime, Montel Williams enjoys 4 specific types of cannabis. These products help him find relief and give him added strength to fight these injustices. His four favorite cannabis choices are:

  • CBD products, notably Williams’ own CBD developed products.

I try to get at least 500 milligrams of CBD in my body each day, and I’ve noticed that my THC consumption has gone down.”

-Montel Williams

  • Williams uses the kief pipe at least once a week.

  • He also enjoys using vape pens as well. In fact, he has his own line of Inspire by Montel vape cartridges.

I want to always have a vape pen on call, just in case something is about to happen, and I need to take it down a notch.”

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Montel’s line of products

About 5 years ago, Williams became a ganjaprenuer’ and launched a line of outstanding cannabis products. Available in over 30 dispensaries in California, Lenitiv labs produced 3 main types of cannabis options. And this is how when partnering with the Taunton Pot company, Williams created his own company called Inspire.

Using a cannabis extraction process that does not require artificial additives or solvents, the product line varies THC and CBD quantities, so everyone can choose their own level and need. Also, in the wake of multitudes of sugary cannabis products, Williams wishes to market healthier cannabis options, especially for those who need cannabis for medical reasons. 

Montel is on to something amazing

We believe that even more changes will help break cannabis into the mainstream. Hopefully, in the near future, innocent people will see justice, more products will help the sick, and we can safely enjoy cannabis in every state. At least, this is our hope.

At LucidaClub, we offer many different options for enjoying the great benefits of cannabis. So, in honor of what Williams is doing with his celebrity status, I say we take a break and experience a few delicious and exciting cannabis products. And let’s keep changing the world.