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Women and Cannabis

By LucidaClub

Women are having a huge impact on the cannabis market and revolution as a whole. Many sectors involved in cannabis sales, production, and marketing are being pulled out, examined and changed as we reach a new horizon.

Stigmatized cannabis and injustices are crumbling. Women, it seems, may be the ones at the forefront of these changes. From new owners, growers, and marketing associates, more and more women are removing fear and setting out to conquer sectors once only governed by the male population. Removing sexualized labels and helping victims of wrongful imprisonment gain freedom, women are doing remarkable things to push a renewed cannabis reputation.

Calm tea friends

Changes within the market

The cannabis market is having a huge impact on the female population. So much, in fact, that generation Z females, those born 1997 or later, have increased consumption 150%, followed by 118% of generation Z males. For this particular generation, cannabis didn’t have as much stigma to remove. It is new, it is popular, and it works for both recreational enjoyment and as a mood elevator. 

It seems that the stigmatism of cannabis use is decreasing as more and more women become comfortable with using cannabis, and intimidating aspects melt away. In the past, cannabis use for women was sometimes overwhelming, dressed in plastic baggies or containers with sexually explicit logos. But no more. Now, cannabis is user friendly, inviting, and innovative. And companies are catering to the sensibilities and feminine qualities that women love.

Now we can walk into retail stores and buy designer weed.”

-Tyler Shreve, 35

Because cannabis takes the edge off without being overwhelming. The new face of the product is perfect for female advocates for legal cannabis use. Some examples are:

  • Rythm Cannabis produces a small sampling product which is packaged in something that closely resembles a cosmetic container. The container is a black plastic bottle with a shimmering top. This appeals to many women.

  • MX brand also takes cues from women’s cosmetic boxes and bottles, making cannabis usage comfortable and exciting at the same time.

  • Kiva produces colorful and clear labels for their chocolates, candies and other edibles. These products are inviting with easy-to-understand facts on the back labels.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Other female generations

Although further back we look at female consumption of cannabis, the numbers drop. Millennials, although there has been an increase, are not climbing as fast as gen Z females. And it decreases the further back you go. What does this mean?

Well, in a nutshell, we have more work to do. To reach out and connect with multiple generations of women and appeal to their cannabis interests, we must experiment with design and packaging. This will grow as time goes on. After all, different forms, packaging, and strains appeal to different generations of women.

Changes, injustices, and healing

Despite the fear that lurked behind the history of cannabis use, women are rising above this. From leaders who work behind the scenes advocating for unlawful arrests in cannabis sales and usage to creating a safe place for others to embark upon healing illnesses, women are setting a standard. Cannabis will no longer be only for euphoric enjoyment on the weekends. Removing stigmatism means so much more than that.

For instance, imprisonment for cannabis sales in the 90s is a topic approached by female advocates today. Diversity in this area provides a comradery that frees the innocent and sets the stage for a new law that prevents such injustices. Dispensaries, growing fast across the 18 recreational legal states and 36 medicinal states, also pushes for change. More investments are approved for women entrepreneurs and more treatments are being approved for issues such as skin ailments and mood disorders, just to name a few.

Women, while finding solutions to mental health issues in their own lives, have tried and approved cannabis products in this area. Issues such as anxiety and depression are constantly being soothed with the right cannabis products.

Moms, wine, and cannabis

Many women talk about having hangover’ effects from drinking a few glasses of wine. This includes sugar cravings and an overall lethargic feeling. While cannabis usage does cause munching, it doesn’t necessarily mean sweets, and plenty of fluids can prevent dehydration. 

Unlike alcohol, cannabis doesn’t cause such a downward spiral of depression after consumption. Instead, many report less anxiety, less depression, and even with some strains, more energy than before. You see, stereotypes in this area can be brutal. The idea that women who drink wine or partake of cannabis cannot be good parents is just ridiculous. As with responsible drinking, the same can be said for cannabis.

Kids should know that marijuana can be used responsibly”

-Chelsea O.

Women, stigma, and the future of cannabis

Cannabis can only get better. For women, cannabis will become revolutionary. Yes, everyone can enjoy the soothing and comforting feeling you get from cannabis products, but for women, it’s a game changer. For years, females have struggled with feeling comfortable buying, using, and even being represented on labels of emerging innovations in the cannabis industry. 

But now, women are leading in vast areas of the cannabis market. Could women be the powerful and influential bridge we need to open the rest of the nation to legal marijuana usage. Signs point to yes.