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Our Curated Experiences

Explore our selection of carefully curated experiences

Each of our thoughtfully chosen cannabis experiences contains hand selected products designed to enhance your everyday life. Be at ease knowing we’ve done the work for you, allowing you to explore cannabis in new ways.

Our curated experiences

Want to find out more about what today's experiences can offer? Book a consultation with our Head Curator. Orders only available at Cape Cod Cannabis - more dispensaries coming online soon.

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Center yourself

Calm promotes tranquility, alleviates stress, and enhances everyday activities.

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Find your flow

Focus is designed to engage your brain, heighten awareness, and spark motivation. 

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Rest and restore

Sleep helps silence the buzz of the day, letting you rest easy (literally!) knowing that a restorative night of sleep is no longer just a daydream.

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Curator's pick

Take a test drive

The Curator’s Pick is a great option for those who want to explore. Try a variety of products our Head Curator has chosen with care, just for you.

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