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Market Testers Feedback

Thanks for your help!

Thank you so much for serving as a market tester for LucidaClub. The time, energy, and effort you contributed help us to perfect our brand as we get closer to launch! 

Now we want your feedback — both positive and constructive. Tell us how it all went down.

We're All Ears!

How was your experience? What did you like best and how can we improve?

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LucidaClub Website

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Shopping Experience

How easy was it to find Cape Cod Cannabis? *
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Did you have a lot of interaction with the CCC staff? Were you made to feel welcome and comfortable? *

Products & Packaging

Did the products you picked-up match your order confirmation? *
Were there any issues with the product packaging? *
Was there anything on the packaging that made you cautious about the product? *
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Consultation Experience

Based on the consult, additional LucidaClub materials, and in-store resources, did you feel well prepared to try your products with confidence? *
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Thank you again for being part of the LucidaClub community, especially as we work out all the kinks on our way to making the cannabis experience more accessible, safe and secure for everyone.