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What to expect from being a member of LucidaClub

As part of our growing community of like-minded Cannacurious, you can expect to be guided and supported on your journey with cannabis. 

With our expertise and hand-picked retail partners, you will learn about the benefits of cannabis and how you can incorporate cannabis into your daily routine, at your own pace.

We make buying cannabis easy, and hassle free.

What will be included in our membership when we launch

We’re working behind the scenes to get our membership ready for you, however we wanted to give you a flavor what will be in included in our membership.

Membership - 3-Month Trial: One-time payment of $35

Coming soon

Group fun

What's included:

  • Complementary Curation Service: We've included all your curation costs.
  • Personal Consultation service: Two hour-long personal consultations with our Head Curator (before and after your first purchase)
  • Easy Learning: Access to premium, curated content to guide your education about cannabis.
  • News & Community: Stay in the know with a quarterly newsletter, access our free event calendar, and enjoy regional membership perks.

Be the first to know when our memberships launch

In the meantime, join our community to learn about LucidaClub and the community.

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