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Discover our cannabis experiences

Explore our launch selec­tion of expe­ri­ence box­es that will be avail­able to pur­chase soon. Each box is curat­ed with select cannabis prod­ucts to give you the expe­ri­ence you’re look­ing for. Don’t feel you need to have it all fig­ured out — we’ve fig­ured out what works best, so you don’t have to. It’s time to expe­ri­ence Cannabis the Luci­da Way.”

Our launch experiences

LucidaClub Calm box


Peaceful relaxation

These choic­es are designed to help you chill out. If you’re crav­ing some qual­i­ty down time, or just want to bring your busy brain down a notch or two, order the Calm box and sam­ple dif­fer­ent cannabis prod­ucts that will bring you a lit­tle piece of peace.

LucidaClub Focus box


Sharpen your senses

If it’s time to bring your A game, this is the box for you. Cho­sen for their impact on your atten­tion, these cannabis prod­ucts are designed to hone your instincts and get you focused.

LucidaClub Sleep box


Stress free sleep

Hit the hay and get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dream­ing about with cannabis prod­ucts designed to help you snooze. The ide­al box for you if you strug­gle with sleep, or want some much need­ed rest.

Lucida Club Edited Select 28
What you might see in your box of goodies

Each expe­ri­ence box con­tains prod­ucts that have been reviewed and curat­ed by our expert team of cannabis cura­tors designed to achieve a desired result. In your box you will find a selec­tion of cannabis prod­ucts from dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories for you to try and discover. 

Your box will con­tain an assort­ment of cannabis prod­ucts includ­ing edi­bles, flower, top­i­cals, tinc­tures and pre-rolls.

Lucida Club Trial box with phone and computer cropped
Our Packaging

We elect­ed at the very start of our pack­ing cre­ation jour­ney to work with providers who offered ful­ly recy­clable box­es and algae and hydro-soy inks. Our pack­ing is impor­tant to us, not only must it be func­tion­al and invit­ing, it must be ful­ly sus­tain­able. And that’s exact­ly what it is! 

Why? Because it’s impor­tant to us, we know it’s impor­tant to you, and we want to make sure that every step we take on our jour­ney, we are think­ing about the impor­tant things, and that includes our planet.

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