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What is a LucidaClub Cannabis Consultation?

Here at LucidaClub we take a personalized approach to cannabis. With the wide variety of products available it can be overwhelming what to choose. We also understand that cannabis is happening quickly, and understand the desire to stay safe while exploring.

What can you expect from a Consult

During a LucidaClub Cannabis Consult we will learn a little bit about you and guide you to the best ways to consume cannabis, what to consume, and how to achieve your desired results. Cannabis affects everyone differently which is why we believe so much in an informative and relationship building consult.

LucidaClub Consults also allow you to communicate directly with our Head Curator. Did something unexpected happen? Did you feel something that didn’t linger too long and you wish it would? 

Our follow up consults allow us to address your concerns, discoveries, and share great experiences with us, that will in turn help other members! We can help you discover the best cannabis experiences by tailoring everything from the curation to the dosing to your specific needs.

The consult will build your cannabis confidence and take the guesswork out of dosing, what to dose with, when, and any and all other questions you may have. 

Your relationship with cannabis can be a wonderful thing and our consultations ensure we maintain the health and benefits of your relationship with cannabis.

How long is a Consult?

A benefit of being a LucidaClub community member is that you have access to our Head Curator, to ask him questions or seek guidance. 

You have an option to choose your length of Consult:

  • 30 minute consult
  • 45 minute consult 
  • 1 hour consult

Book your LucidaClub Consult today with Bob Langlais, our Head Curator

Follow the link below, to book your Consult. You will be taken to Calendly, which will open in a new tab.

Book your Consult here

Having problems booking your Consult, or you cannot find a time that suits, let us know.

Meet Bob Langlais, our LucidaClub Curator

Bob started his career in cannabis as a part time budtender and worked his way up holding many positions. His favourite part of working in a cannabis retail environment was hosting 1:1 private consults to help new customers navigate cannabis and find what works best for them.

I made friends with everyone I consulted with. I miss learning about what brought them in, what thoughts they may have coming into a new experience, and making it simple and understandable for them. Making cannabis comfortable brings me great happiness.”

Cannabis Passion

Cannabis has always helped me with my PTSD and Depression. It helps me be more present after a long day and relieves me of stress that might otherwise say follow me home from work. I take great pride in introducing people to cannabis and educating new and veterans alike. As a cannabis geek my passion is Solventless Ice Water Extractions which is essentially cannabis oil creation with only heat, ice, water, pressure, and time. No chemicals at all. 

I believe cannabis can help everyone given how diverse its benefits are and ways it can be consumed. Being a part of the industry in a legal market is something I give gratitude towards every day. I used to remind my staff all the time how wild it is that cannabis is now legal and that we are living what was only a dream a few years back.