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Microdosing Cannabis

By LucidaClub

Cannabis has changed so much in the last several decades. In the old days when cannabis was completely illegal, consumers approached the plant much differently than they do today. And this meant there were risks involved. The risks with finding and obtaining cannabis were high, and so the way we consumed it was also different.

Not only has the scarcity and illegality of cannabis diminished but also the way we consume cannabis is changing as well, for the better. Instead of partaking in huge amounts of cannabis at one time, users are taking a different approach. By ingesting much smaller amounts of cannabis, you can experience the plant in a new, gentler way, that does not cause over- intoxication.

The perks of micro-dosing

Micro-dosing is a trend that has started to gain serious traction in the cannabis space. It is the act of consuming a tiny amount of cannabis, but more often – this means enjoying cannabis a few times during the day. The goal here is not to be sent off into blissful euphoria but rather to capitalize on the other, non intoxicating effects of cannabis. By taking a very small dose, consumers claim that it helps take the edge off a stressful day, giving them a creative edge, and improved overall wellness. 

The key to micro-dosing is finding the smallest dose that’s still noticeable, but not intoxicating. To be specific, to be intoxicated is to have your mental and or motor skills diminished. In this case, we want to enhance our skills and daily activities. Remember, keeping the dose micro” is key.

Micro-dosing and Cannabis products

Not all products are ideal for micro-dosing. A THC-rich cannabis vape product may be difficult to micro-dose as even one puff may induce intoxication. The great news is that the market is heading towards products geared more towards micro-dosing. For example, tinctures are great for micro-dosing as you can limit your intake. Some new brands, like 1906, utilize small amounts of THC with the addition of other botanicals. This micro-dose of THC is just enough to bring on a positive feeling without intoxication. 

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What is the best way to micro-dose? 

Just like the effects of cannabis, micro-dosing amounts depend heavily on the individual. The general rule for micro-dosing is 1mg‑2.5mg of THC. At the 5mg point, it will become intoxicating for many users. People sensitive to substances like cannabis, but who want to micro-dose, should always start at 1mg or 2.5mg. Up to 2.5mg may be intoxicating to some but for most, it should be okay. 

It’s so important to keep in mind that micro-dosing is highly dependent on the individual. You can add CBD to your dose as it can reduce the intoxicating properties of cannabis and offer additional benefits. The key is to keep the intoxicating compounds at a very small amount. This means you can absolutely add CBD to your micro-dosing regimen without worrying that you will become intoxicated. One of the wonderful aspects of cannabis is how all its beneficial compounds work together. 

Why micro-dose?

Micro-dosing is all about finding the smallest possible dose that has a positive impact on your day. This form of use is only recommended for those who are familiar with cannabis. You always want to be in a safe space in case it IS intoxicating for you. For some, micro-dosing will always be intoxicating. Therefore, it’s so important to understand how dosages make you feel before trying to work or being productive under the effects of a micro-dose of cannabis. 

Micro-dosing is on the rise and has been for a while outside of cannabis. Workers in Silicon Valley have been known to micro-dose substances to give them a creative edge, see things a little differently, or approach problems from a new perspective. Many swear by this and consider it to be life-changing. It’s never a good decision to drive a car intoxicated on any substance or operate any heavy machinery, however, if you live a lifestyle that safely accommodates this activity micro-dosing can be a game-changer. 

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Tolerance and micro-dosing

Tolerance with cannabis changes quickly. If you enjoy an edible two days in a row it may be difficult to reap the benefits of micro-dosing as your cannabis tolerance will trick you into thinking you’re not feeling anything. Remember, even if we are not aware of intoxicating feelings, due to tolerance, if we ingest more THC, it can become overwhelming. 

Sometimes it just takes an event like public speaking or completing a task to feel the hindering effects of intoxication. Because of these reasons, it is recommended to take breaks when micro-dosing. Some find that daily dosing works fine because the low THC amount is less likely to build a large tolerance. But for some, it’s enough — as always cannabis compounds affect us all differently. Start by micro-dosing one day and then take a few days off. This will allow you to compare the days you used the micro-dosing system to those you didn’t and gauge how beneficial it was for your day. 

Is micro-dosing right for me?

Whether you enjoy edibles or other types of cannabis products, you may want to try micro-dosing. After all, it’s not necessary to become mind-bogglingly altered just to feel good or relieve stress. Sometimes it’s just beneficial to partake of a cannabis product to alleviate pain. In fact, micro-dosing is less likely to cause anxiety as it has less concentrated psychoactive compounds present at one given time.

At LucidaClub, we offer various exciting and soothing products that can be used in micro amounts, if micro-dosing is right for you. But the decision is all yours. When enjoying cannabis, you know your limits and what it takes to set your mind and body free.