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Introduction to Vaping Cannabis

By LucidaClub

When it comes to consuming cannabis today you have many options to choose from and vaping is quickly becoming a favorite. Vaporizing or Vaping” has become popular for a number of reasons from health benefits to convenience. Here at LucidaClub we understand that cannabis can be overwhelming and vaping can add to that considering all of the different ways one can vape cannabis. Despite all of the many options for vaping it’s worth the learning curve as vaping offers us a less irritating option than traditional smoking. In this blog let’s explore what cannabis vaping is, why it is beneficial to the Cannacurious, and how to integrate cannabis vaping into our lives.

Vaping can be used to consume cannabis, nicotine, essential oils, and more. There are two kinds of vaping when it comes to cannabis, oil and flower. The small pen-like devices you may see are primarily used for cannabis oils and concentrates. These devices heat up the cannabis oil into an inhalable vapor. Cannabis oil is generally much stronger than cannabis flower so one or two inhales should be all that is needed to feel the effects. The second option we have for vaporizing cannabis is flower. Flower is ground up and placed into a device where it is gently heated. When the cannabis flower is heated THC, CBD, and other beneficial compounds are vaporized and can be inhaled. Because no flame is used there is no combustion taking place and the inhale should be much smoother on the lungs than say a joint or pipe. The lack of ash also makes for a much more flavorful experience than smoking. In short vaping allows us to consume cannabis by inhalation without the need to light the cannabis on fire creating soot and ash. 

Vaporizing has been championed as a healthier alternative to smoking and while it may indeed feel less harsh than traditional smoking there is still the need for further study of what vaporizing side effects may occur in the short and long term. In Germany the Storz and Bickel Volcano is registered as a medical device given its efficient way of vaporizing cannabis. You may have seen vaping in the news in recent years especially regarding teens and nicotine. Companies have gotten themselves in hot water for advertising towards younger audiences and offering nicotine vapes in many child appealing flavors like fruit punch and mango. The popularity of vaping skyrocketed and there were increased reports of health concerns. The problem was twofold, on one hand young people had begun to vaporize both nicotine and cannabis in large amounts as well as the rise of the sale of black-market vaporizers. The black-market vaporizers were tested and found to contain vitamin E acetate which is harmful to our lungs when inhaled. We are still learning about vaping and the best way to ensure the safest possible vaping experience is to only purchase cannabis vaping products from a legal and licensed establishment.

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Many Cannacurious enjoy vaping cannabis flower as an alternative to smoking. The flavorful, ashless, and smooth vapor is a less intimidating approach to inhaling cannabis flower than a joint that may cause throat irritation and coughing. The lack of ash also makes for a cleaner overall experience. There are handheld devices that make vaping convenient and discrete as well as desktop vaporizers that are larger in size and not meant for on-the-go uses. The desktop vaporizers can come with a whip” or hose that you can inhale from or large plastic bags that are meant to collect the vapor and then enjoyed with a mouthpiece. The balloons are great for sharing as each person can use their own balloon without the need to share a mouthpiece. Cannacurious also benefit from cannabis oil vape cartridges in similar ways. Cannabis oil cartridges vaporize the oil inside which tends to contain much stronger concentrations of THC. Because of the strength of cannabis oil much less is needed to feel the effects. Also try one or two inhales and wait 30min to 1hour to judge the effects. The oil vape pen is a favorite as there is little to no prep, clean up, or fuss when using them. Cannabis cartridges are highly discrete and portable, quickly becoming a consumer favorite from the Cannacurious to the cannabis connoisseur. 

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What does all of this mean for us, the Cannacurious? Vaporization or Vaping is an umbrella term that refers to more than one method of consumption via inhalation of light vapor. Cannabis flower vapes allow us to inhale and taste cannabis flower without the need to burn it producing nasty byproducts like ash and soot. Vaporizer cartridges allow us to consume cannabis oil discreetly with very little to no preparation at all. Both vaporization methods are great to explore especially if you want all the great effects and taste of inhalation without some of the side effects that come with smoking. 

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